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Rec: The Neverending Story: As Many as Stars in the Sky performed by winkingstar
Summary: And now at last is the time for that other story. Come here, child, sit quietly, and listen.

Rec Snippet: "In this work, winkingstar's voice hardens when Smerg attacks and sweeps over the endless lands of Woldalone. It crackles warmly like a dry wood fire when Walnutshell makes new friends, it chirps like the bee-thorn Broxiblox. This audiofic has so much presence it makes me feel childlike, impish about my worn shoes, shy around Atriyu, and, most of all, soothed like if there was a hand stroking my hair."
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december 2014 by podfic_love
dream a dream (and what you see will be)
"Eames has always said Arthur has no imagination and should dream a little bigger. The problem is, Arthur's dreams might be the most dangerous place to be on the planet. And when their latest job forces them to recreate Fantasia, and Arthur's secret past unravels alongside it, Cobb's team might be about to find the answer to the Neverending Story..."
inception  gen  arthur/eames  ariadne  cobb  yusuf  crossover  neverending_story  bigbang  angst  mult_personalities  mizzy  from delicious
february 2012 by Sionell8

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