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mathe0 said: ↑
Seems like Neutron resamples the 16bit files to 24bit. I'm a V20 user.
Do you guys have the same problem as me when using V30 with Neutron?

Here is a pic of what is displayed in Neutron playing a 16/44.1 FLAC file (with "Generic Driver" and "Follow Source Frequency" ON):

This is correct. You're doing the right thing here with your settings. It's the same with the V30, but it's not a problem. This is not re-sampling - it's bit padding. The former can have nasty audio artifacts; the latter does no harm at all
Neutron  NeutronMP  24bit  LGV20  music  FLACplayer  howto  settings 
september 2018 by dominomaster
Behringer Neutron - YouTube
My point is that its continuously distorted, which reduces the amount of sounds its capable of. The patch bay would only be offering more modulation of that fundamental distorted sound. Using the patch bay to get around it means the patch bay does less, which is a shame. It definitely sounds good and yeah, sometimes having something that does one thing well is great - The Minitaur is a perfect example. I think I'm just a little underwhelmed by it right now
Behringer  Neutron  synthesizer  hardware  semi-modular  distortion 
july 2018 by petej

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