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A prototype compiler for running the code you want to write as fast as the code you have to write (as long as it's numerical).
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5 days ago by ianchanning
Neural Artistic Style Transfer: A Comprehensive Look
. This is because, for a network to be able to do image classification, it has to understand the image. So, between taking the image as input and outputting its guess at what it is, it
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7 days ago by osfa
Vowel recognition with four coupled spin-torque nano-oscillators | Nature
Here we show that the outstanding tunability of spintronic nano-oscillators—that is, the possibility of accurately controlling their frequency across a wide range, through electrical current and magnetic field—can be used to address this challenge. We successfully train a hardware network of four spin-torque nano-oscillators to recognize spoken vowels by tuning their frequencies according to an automatic real-time learning rule. We show that the high experimental recognition rates stem from the ability of these oscillators to synchronize. Our results demonstrate that non-trivial pattern classification tasks can be achieved with small hardware neural networks by endowing them with nonlinear dynamical features such as oscillations and synchronization.
neuralnetworks  nanoscience 
12 days ago by madamim
'Human brain' supercomputer with 1 million processors switched on for first time
The world’s largest neuromorphic supercomputer designed and built to work in the same way a human brain does has been fitted with its landmark one-millionth processor core and is being switched on for the first time. The newly formed million-processor-core ‘Spiking Neural Network Architecture’ or ‘SpiNNaker’ machine is capable of completing m...
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13 days ago by bradbarrish

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