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Simple diagrams of convoluted neural networks – InBrowserAI – Medium
This article is based on my talk “Simple diagrams of convoluted neural networks” (abstract, slides) from PyData Berlin 2018 (BTW: and I invite you to PyData Warsaw, 19–20 Nov 2018). Typically I write on my blog Now I give Medium a try, as it is easier to include images than with Jekyll.
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6 days ago by euler
Andrew NG's Coursera Courses on deep learning.
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9 days ago by burrowsclayton
Keras Documentation
The documentation for Kerala. This page includes instructions for installation.
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9 days ago by burrowsclayton
Probabilistic Neural Networks
This is a paper from 1989, so I assume it is one of the earlier and more fundamental papers on this topic.
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9 days ago by burrowsclayton
Deep Learning in Neural Networks: An Overview
this paper gives a historical summary about NueralNetworks.
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9 days ago by burrowsclayton
Missing Data: A Comparison of Neural Network
This paper is a good overview on imputing, and also cites additional sources that would be good to review.
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9 days ago by burrowsclayton

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