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Weight Agnostic Neural Networks (WANN)
Not all neural network architectures are created equal, some perform much better than others for certain tasks. But how important are the weight parameters of a neural network compared to its architecture? In this work, we question to what extent neural network architectures alone, without learning any weight parameters, can encode solutions for a given task. We propose a search method for neural network architectures that can already perform a task without any explicit weight training. To evaluate these networks, we populate the connections with a single shared weight parameter sampled from a uniform random distribution, and measure the expected performance. We demonstrate that our method can find minimal neural network architectures that can perform several reinforcement learning tasks without weight training. On supervised learning domain, we find architectures that can achieve much higher than chance accuracy on MNIST using random weights.
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10 days ago by dogrover
DiffEqFlux.jl – A Julia Library for Neural Differential Equations
the first toolbox to combine a fully-featured differential equations solver library and neural networks seamlessly together

New research as of early 2019 seamlessly combines differential equations along with neural networks.
machinelearning  deeplearning  neuralnetwork  differential-equations  math 
14 days ago by tobym
Teaching a Neural Network How to Drive a Car

I think one of the reason I find neural network training so fascinating is that you can observe, in a very simple and understandable way, the basic method by which all life on Earth evolved the ability to do things like move, see, swim, digest food, echolocate, grasp objects, and use tools. (via dunstan)
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17 days ago by jefframnani
alibaba/MNN: MNN is a lightweight deep neural network inference engine.
MNN is a lightweight deep neural network inference engine. - alibaba/MNN
5 weeks ago by geetarista

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