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Coding the History of Deep Learning - FloydHub Blog
There are six snippets of code that made deep learning what it is today. This article covers the inventors and the background to their breakthroughs. Each story includes simple code samples on FloydHub and GitHub to play around with. via Pocket
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3 days ago by jjames
My Neural Network isn't working! What should I do?
Very good very practical (not "fluffy") advice.

You Forgot to Normalize Your Data
You Forgot to Check your Results
You Forgot to Preprocess Your Data
You Forgot to use any Regularization
You Used a too Large Batch Size
You Used an Incorrect Learning Rate
You Used the Wrong Activation Function on the Final Layer
Your Network contains Bad Gradients
You Initialized your Network Weights Incorrectly
You Used a Network that was too Deep
You Used the Wrong Number of Hidden Units
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5 days ago by w1nt3rmut3
Universal adversarial perturbations | the morning paper
"I’m fascinated by the existence of adversarial perturbations – imperceptible changes to the inputs to deep network classifiers that cause them to mis-predict labels."
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12 days ago by look

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