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Doodle: Easy Scheduling
How does Doodle work? 1. Create a poll. 2. Forward the link to the poll to the participants. 3. Follow online what the participants vote for. Free. No registration required.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
BlogLESS : Protect, Point, Pay
The Associated Press thinks that the way to save journalism is to use new technology (DRM) to preserve its old business model. Reddit user ClockworkSparrow took AP's diagram and rewrote the text to expose the folly of this idea.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Maker's Schedule, Manager's Schedule
One reason programmers dislike meetings so much is that they're on a different type of schedule from other people. Meetings cost them more.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Game your way to faster hardware | News | TechRadar UK
FunSAT is an online Sudoku-like puzzle that harness human powers of intuition to help develop faster processors.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Website Language Selection - ZigPress
You will all have visited websites that present their content in more than one language - and they allow you to select the language in some way. Right now I’m struggling to find examples, but here are some of the more common options:
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Bringing Web Fonts Closer | Kernest
For Web Designers 1. Pick Fonts for Your Website 2. Add Kernest's CSS Embed to Your Website 3. Update Your CSS Tags 4. Refresh
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Coding Horror: Physics Based Games
I've always been fascinated by physics-based gameplay. Even going back to the primeval days of classic arcade gaming, I found vector-based games, with their vastly simplified 2D approximations of physics and motion, more compelling than their raster brethren. I'm thinking of games like Asteroids, Battlezone, and Lunar Lander.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Mark Bernstein: App Store Doubts
Instapaper’s Marco Arment recites a litany of iPhone app developer woes, and sums them up with an important observation: "Apple thinks this is good enough." It’s not just a business model problem; it’s a potential disaster for mobile software innovation.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Lee Byron » What » Listening History
The result is a printed poster, generated using Processing. The poster shows the changing trends in listening history by showing a stacked graph of all musicians that user has listened to over time, and their changing interest in the eyes of that user. The poster is a sort of virtual mirror, reflecting very personally significant events made visible by the changes in listening trends.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
The King Cheetah
That cheetahs exist anywhere is a miracle in itself. About ten to twelve thousand years ago, the species went through a genetic "bottleneck" when, for some unknown reason, at least 99 percent of the entire world population of cheetahs died in a very short time period. Some scientists have even suggested that the population might have gotten as low as one pregnant female.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Screenjelly - What's on your screen?
Screenjelly records your screen activity with your voice so you can spread it via Twitter or email. Use it to quickly share cool apps or software tips, report a bug, or just show stuff you like. To start recording, click on the red button. No need to install or download anything!
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july 2009 by fjordaan
SEO workarounds for Country Selectors as the Home Page
On my first visit to last week, I thought to myself "Uh oh, that's not going to be good for their SEO". It was a country selector. The only content on the page was a long list of countries. No keyword-rich copy. No keyword-rich links.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Home - Royal Philips
Bookmarked as good example of country/language selector
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july 2009 by fjordaan
My Thoughts on NoSQL - Die in a Fire - Eric Florenzano’s Blog
Over the past few years, relational databases have fallen out of favor for a number of influential people in our industry. I'd like to weigh in on that, but before doing so, I'd like to give my executive summary of the events leading up to this movement:
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july 2009 by fjordaan
The Life Drawing Society offers places near you where you can draw up to five times a week and weekends for a single low monthly cost allowing greater results, bringing you new aspirations and friends.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
Nick Lansley's Technology for Blog: Grocery API - Important Developer News
Tonight I have written to our 150-strong community of developers who have registered to use the Grocery API. These developers can use this interface to write amazing grocery applications for customers.
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july 2009 by fjordaan
How a programmer reads your resume (comic)
How HR reads your resume / How a programmer reads your resume / Steve Hanov's Programming Blog
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july 2009 by fjordaan

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