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Make Sense of Amazon Prime: 30 Best Hidden Movies You Can Watch for Free
agoodmovietowatch finds you great movies you've never heard of but will absolutely love.
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Excited to represent by speaking at this year’s re:Invent! Lots of exciting sessions by a ton of Netflixer…
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Netflix Made A Car Show Worth Watching | DriveTribe
Creating a successful car show is a difficult endeavor that usually results in failure. Among of the half-baked build shows and would be Top Gear knock offs lies Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip, a Netflix original worth watching.
Paul Hollywood, the host of the Big Continental Road Trip is known for his role as a celebrity chef on The Great British Bake Off, but it turns out a perfectly crafted cupcake isn't the only thing Mr. Hollywood enjoys.
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‘Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip’ Is ‘The Great British Baking Show’ Meets ‘Top Gear’ | Decider
So what is Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip? My assumption was that the Netflix Original series was going to be a bit like Paul Hollywood giving us a tour of the great bakeries of Europe. The Great British Baking Show host is indeed the King of Bread (which is a real royal title I just made up), and so it would follow that any globe-trotting adventure with him would have to come along with a healthy carboload.
However, as soon as the show opens with Hollywood introducing himself as “sort of a baker and part-time racing driver,” I realized, Oh. Oh no. This is not a show that particularly cares about food.
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4 days ago by rgl7194
Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Trip – like watching a lifer on day release | Television & radio | The Guardian
On a sabbatical from Bake Off, the master baker drives a procession of increasingly ridiculous supercars around Europe
To Italy, for the first episode of Paul Hollywood’s Big Continental Road Trip (28 May, 9pm, BBC2), in which television’s much panted-over master baker gets to cruise around sun-dappled countries in all his spray-tanned splendour.
If you thought that Bake Off’s king of the cream horn had only one string to his bow, this new series – essentially Top Gear minus the bantz and budget – is determined to set you straight. This will, the BBC hopes, be the ultimate marriage of personality and machinery, of gunmetal hair and hot bodywork, of smouldering eyes and … oh, you get the picture.
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BBC Two - Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip
Paul Hollywood and Phillipe Lellouche in Paris
Series 1, France
Paul Hollywood and Christian Schulte-Loh in Berlin
Series 1, Germany
Paul Hollywood and Bruno Tonioli in Rome
Series 1, Italy
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Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip | Netflix Official Site
Paul Hollywood's Big Continental Road Trip
2017 TV-14 1 Season
Gear up for a fast-paced journey as celebrity chef and avid auto enthusiast Paul Hollywood takes in the cars and culture of France, Italy and Germany.
Starring: Paul Hollywood
Genres: TV Shows, British TV Shows, Food & Travel TV, Reality TV, Investigative Reality TV, Travel & Adventure Reality TV
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Netflix to spend $8bn on content in 2018
As part of its third-quarter earnings report, Netflix released a letter to its shareholders announcing its intention to invest $7-$8 billion on content in 2018.
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