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The Strange Foundation
The Strange is an in-development space offering forward-thinking creative people with computer-based practices the time, resources, and isolation needed to focus and think expansively. Located in West Shokan, NY, Strange HQ is a mini compound nestled in the mountains between a spring-fed pond, a rushing river, and the forever-wild Catskill State Park Forest.
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5 weeks ago by crankin
Net Art Anthology
This two-year online exhibition will present 100 artworks from net art history, restaging and contextualizing one project each week.
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5 weeks ago by fdedic
The Art of the Internet, Restored and Out in the World - The New York Times
I want to go see this show. Super relevant as we think about ways to exhibit "computation"
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5 weeks ago by davidnunez
Galloway's text for Cory Arcangel's Data Diaries
5 weeks ago by ucnv

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