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Karl Grossman on Space Force, Evan Greer on Net Neutrality Cyber Fraud | FAIR
via Karl Grossman on Space Force, Evan Greer on Net Neutrality Cyber Fraud
Karl  Grossman  on  Space  Force  Evan  Greer  Net  Neutrality  Cyber  Fraud 
25 days ago by fran
Net neutrality activists, state officials are taking the FCC to court. Here’s how they’ll argue the case. - The Washington Post
The overall impression, the group said, is that of trying to deregulate all roads that lead to hotels by simply reclassifying the roads themselves as hotels.

“Never mind, continues the builder, that the road itself does not provide guests with any lodging, business conferencing, or beach recreation services,” the brief said. “That is the essence of what the FCC argues.”
net  neutrality  internet  fcc 
27 days ago by jremmers

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