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Shrubbery Networks, Inc. - RANCID
”RANCID monitors a router's (or more generally a device's) configuration, including software and hardware (cards, serial numbers, etc) and uses CVS (Concurrent Version System), Subversion or Git to maintain history of changes. [...] RANCID also includes looking glass software.”
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6 days ago by kr4d
Synoniemen van moedeloos; ander woord voor moedeloos -
Woorden die (ongeveer) hetzelfde betekenen als ‘moedeloos’, met toelichting en mogelijkheden om verder te zoeken.
synoniemen  net  synoniem  woordenboek  nederlands 
9 days ago by gerjantd
Linux重传机制对测试结果的一个影响 | 鸟窝
最近在测试系统的Benchmark的时候,遇到一个奇怪的现象: 有少许请求的总处理时间特别长。后来发现耗时基本处在connect to server上。奇怪的是,耗时较长的连接所用的时间基本还有规律, 大概是1秒,3秒,7秒,15秒.....这样有规律的数列,而且耗时越长的连接数量越少。
todo  linux  net 
18 days ago by jinwik
Home page of the DNSCrypt project [DNS security]
Tools and protocols to improve DNS privacy, security and reliability.
it  net  dns  sysadmin  security  cryptography  privacy 
20 days ago by die_z

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