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Alice's PDP-10
Alice's restaurant, rewritten as a vintage computing ode.
vintagecomputers  humor  nerdy  formike 
8 weeks ago by jflorablack
Custom miniatures 3D printed
Miniatures Shop, sale of custom 3d printed miniatures , 3d modeling custom miniatures, we create custom miniatures for companies and individuals, fantasy and historical miniatures, Miniatures for painting, Mounted Heroes. Custom Miniatures
nerdy  miniatures  dnd 
may 2018 by toph
Linux | Know Your Meme
Richard Stallman GNU/Linux. "Let me interject..." meme.
nerdy  Linux 
february 2018 by jmastrom
Unix Time Stamp - Epoch Converter
RT : heute Nacht wird der Unix auf 1500000000 umspringen.

Timestamp  nerdy  from twitter
july 2017 by pulsar

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