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The truth about neoliberalism
The truth about neoliberalism
It is the fear of the nation state as a democratic force that underpins the neoliberal project.
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4 weeks ago by tsparks
About Us — The Neoliberal Project
The Neoliberal Project The Neoliberal Project was founded in 2018 to promote a new liberal identity. We believe that harnessing new media is one of the most effective ways to spread a political message in today's world, and we draw from the experience of over a dozen volunteers working in consulting, technology, politics and academia. Our core values: We believe in free markets, and the power of markets to alleviate poverty and generate unparalleled economic growth We believe in strong institutions, which are the precursor to unparalleled economic growth We believe in intelligent regulation and redistribution - the state has a role to play in regulating markets where they may fail, and ensuring the gains from free markets are widely shared. We believe in the classical liberal freedoms - freedom of speech, of the press, of religion, of assembly, etc. We believe that all people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, etc. have equal rights and deserve agency. We stand for the creation of a new, revitalized liberalism - neoliberalism - that can guard the open society and guide it into a prosperous future.
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january 2019 by MicrowebOrg
Les Simerables
To succeed even within the game’s fairly broad definition of success (building a habitable city), you must enact certain government policies. An increase in the number of police stations, for instance, always correlates to a decrease in criminal activity; the game’s code directly relates crime to land value, population density, and police stations. Adding police stations isn’t optional, it’s the law.

Or take the game’s position on taxes: “Keep taxes too high for too long, and the residents may leave your town in droves. Additionally, high-wealth Sims are more averse to high taxes than low- and medium-wealth Sims.”
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december 2018 by craniac
Keep It Simple and Take Credit
Why Obamacare failed to gain more popularity:
There are parts to it that are unambiguously good — like, Medicaid expansion is good, and why? Because there’s no fucking strings attached. You don’t have to go to a goddamned website and become a fucking hacker to try to figure out how to pick the right plan, they just tell you “you’re covered now.” And that’s it! That’s all it ever should have been and that is why — [Jonathan Chait] is bemoaning why it’s a political failure? Because modern neoliberal, left-neoliberal policy is all about making this shit invisible to people so that they don’t know what they’re getting out of it.
And as Rick Perlstein has talked about a lot, that’s one of the reasons that Democrats end up fucking themselves over. The reason they held Congress for 40 years after enacting Social Security is because Social Security was right in your fucking face. They could say to you, “you didn’t used to have money when you were old, now you do. Thank Democrats.” And they fucking did. Now it’s, “you didn’t used to be able to log on to a website and negotiate between 15 different providers to pick a platinum or gold or zinc plan and apply a fucking formula for a subsidy that’s gonna change depending on your income so you might end up having to retroactively owe money or have a higher premium.” Holy shit, thank you so much.

This point has been made before on Obamacare, but the tendency behind it, the tendency to muddle and mask benefits, has become endemic to center-left politics. Either Democrats complicate their initiatives enough to be inscrutable to anyone who doesn’t love reading hours of explainers on public policy, or else they don’t take credit for the few simple policies they do enact.
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november 2018 by kye
(13856) Admit it. Republicans have broken politics. - YouTube
Admit it. Republicans have broken politics.
/ my way or the highways is not democracy
Brexit same picture, journalists did not call out some both.
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october 2018 by asterisk2a
(11487) Is Trump REALLY a Fascist? - YouTube
Fascist Roots, Trump the product of the failure of neoliberal neoconservative capitalism to provide a better future for all.
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