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(11487) Is Trump REALLY a Fascist? - YouTube
Fascist Roots, Trump the product of the failure of neoliberal neoconservative capitalism to provide a better future for all.
DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  fascism  far-right  right-wing  alt-right  neo-nazi  neonazi  nazi  Brexit  PEGIDA  neoliberalism  neoliberal  neoconservatism  Capitalism  inequality  downward  mobility  income  working  poor  poverty  trap  Austerity  GFC  secular  stagnation  stagflation  economic  history 
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The Unholy Family
"Melinda Cooper, Family Values: Between Neoliberalism and the New Social Conservatism (Zone Books/MIT Press, 2017)"
book  review  political-science  history  conservatism  neoliberalism  neoconservatism  family  values  capitalism 
february 2018 by tsuomela
(577) Cornel West on Donald Trump: This is What Neo-Fascism Looks Like - YouTube
spiritual historical blackout. niall ferguson calls it historical amnesia among public and academics. // "most trying time in our lifetime." // pseudo populist = donald and brexit! but it is neoliberalism! / chornic crisis &!
neoconservatism  neoconservatives  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  neofascism  fascism  minority  Brexit  AfD  far-right  right-wing  Cornel  West  GFC  recovery  secular  stagnation  squeezed  middle  class  post-racial  American  Dream  USA  economic  history  barackobama  neoliberal  neoliberalism  Bernie  Sanders  presidential  election  2016  UK  Germany  GroKo  France  White  Supremacy  nasty  party  Conservative  Globalisation  profit  maximisation  trade  deal  TTIP  NAFTA  Authoritarian  Abgehängt  insecurity  poverty  trap  social  mobility  scapegoat  Super  Rich  1%  Plutocracy  Oligarchy 
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Britain is one of worst places in western Europe for asylum seekers | UK news | The Guardian
Britain is one of the worst destinations for people seeking asylum in western Europe, according to a Guardian analysis of policies, data and reports of the conditions faced by the record recent influx of new arrivals.

At the start of a year-long project with three other newspapers on Europe’s refugee crisis, the Guardian has analysed the experience of refugees and asylum seekers in the European Union’s big five nations – the UK, Germany, France, Spain and Italy – and found the conditions in Britain do not compare well.
Only Italy, on the frontline of hundreds of thousands of people crossing the Mediterranean, fares worse. &!
UK  Home  Office  Theresa  May  Amber  Rudd  immigration  Visa  refugee  asylum  detention  centre  nasty  party  Conservative  Brexit  history  migration  massmigration  war  food  security  national  Europe  Germany  Syria  Iraq  Afghanistan  neoconservatism  neoconservatives 
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Jeremy Scahill on Trump Team: A Cabal of Religious Extremists, Privatization Advocates & Racists - YouTube
James Mattis (extreme character concerning human rights et al), Betsy DeVos, Erik Prince // Christian Theocracy (betsy devos) & Neocrusader (Eric Prince, killing ppl as sport) ... like old monarchy of europe. // betsy wants to do same for edu, as eric did for military (Book: Blackwater) // Rex Tillerson, Exxon Oil Barron. //&! NEW: Jeremy Scahill DESTROYS Betsy DeVos For Being a Corrupt [White] Christian Supremacist -
book  USA  Privatisation  GOP  Republicans  Swamp  Super  Rich  Conservative  Religion  LGBT  Disabled  Education  Policy  social  mobility  Cabinet  DonaldTrump  Donald  Trump  income  gini  Coefficient  Plutocracy  Oligarchy  1%  10%  Elite  Establishment  neoconservatives  neoconservatism  neoliberalism  neoliberal  crony  Capitalism 
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Shields and Brooks on voter disenchantment across the globe - YouTube
"the elites brought this partly on themselves // did not provide metropolitan nationalism and patriotism. // there is a political cause to the current real world economic problems on the street and households. // and cultural sense of loss. // if change is working for everyone ... but this is not that time. //
Brexit  immigration  European  Union  EEA  Career  Politicians  politician  neoliberal  neoliberalism  neoconservatism  neoconservatives  Toff  Privileged  Establishment  Freedom  of  Movement  globalisation  globalization  Nationalism  Nationalismus  Polarisation  demagogue  demagogy  populism  patriotism  inequality  social  mobility  squeezed  middle  class  working  poor  Precariat  poverty  Identitätspolitik  identity  multiculturalism  ethnicity  ethnics  culture  Baby  Boomers  babyboomers  Donald  Trump  Bernie  Sanders 
june 2016 by asterisk2a
This Sceptic Isle Peter Hitchens Explains why Britain should leave the EU
"UK is finished" - Owen Jones meets Peter Hitchens - full length - //&! The EU is the Continuation of Germany By Other Means (Peter Hitchens) - //&! Peter Hitchens: Why I Changed My Mind (Radio 4, 25/5/16) - //&! Immigration and Multiculturalism. (Peter Hitchens) - //&! "European elites drew wrong conclusion after WWII". (Mark Steyn) - - is also a climate sceptic. //&! Peter Hitchens - Panel on Conservatism (Start the Week, BBC Radio 4). Peter Hitchens with Margo James, Thomas Frank and Douglas Murray. -
Brexit  multiculturalism  immigration  European  Union  sovereignty  sovereign  Brussels  democracy  demos  European  History  UK  economic  City  of  London  Peter  Hitchens  conservatism  Conservative  Party  Islam  Muslim  Islamic  Law  Sharia  Law  neoconservatism  neoconservatives 
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Why Brexit could hurt the US, too
Washington fears that a decision to abandon the European project, in which Britain has been an often-reluctant participant since 1973, would threaten to unravel the union, a vital ally, as it struggles with disunity and unleash a new instability in an already dangerously volatile world.
While advocates of a British departure say the country will be stronger freed from the shackles of Brussels bureaucracy, opponents fear it could dismember the U.K. should Scotland decide its future still lies in the E.U. and demand a fresh independence vote. [...] And throughout his presidency, Obama has expressed irritation at the neediness of European leaders competing for the attention of the American president. He's grumbled that European nations won't do more for NATO and even publicly rebuked Cameron in a recent Atlantic magazine interview for not doing more to bring peace to Libya after a NATO intervention in 2011 pushed by him and other Europeans.
Brexit  barackobama  NATO  War  on  Terror  Hegemony  USA  foreign  affairs  diplomacy  European  Union  Defense  Spending  UK  neoconservatism  neoconservatives 
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