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Taibbi on How Liberals Came to Embrace War as the Only Option – Rolling Stone
The pattern in American interventions has been the same for ages. We are for self-determination everywhere, until such self-determination clashes with a commercial or security objective.
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5 days ago by jstenner
How a NeoCon-Backed “Fact Checker” Plans to Wage War on Independent Media
Newsguard, the internet news "fact checker" has deep connections to the US government and silicon valley, and it's going after independent media.
journalism  fake_news  neocons 
9 weeks ago by jstenner
The Case That 9/11 Was an Israeli Attack on the US Is 'Overwhelmingly Strong' - Ron Unz
As America began to expend enormous oceans of blood and treasure attacking all of Israel’s enemies after 9/11, Israel itself no longer needed to do so. Partly as a consequence, almost no other nation in the world has so enormously improved its strategic and economic situation during the last seventeen years, even while a large fraction of the American population has become completely impoverished during that same period and our national debt has grown to insurmountable levels. A parasite can often grow fat even as its host suffers and declines.
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november 2018 by foliovision
I hope the Democrats and Republicans love their children, too.
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july 2018 by jstenner
Neoliberalism – the ideology at the root of all our problems | Books | The Guardian
We find that the Institute of Economic Affairs, which has argued forcefully in the media against the further regulation of the tobacco industry, has been secretly funded by British American Tobacco since 1963.
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may 2018 by foliovision
U.S. intel: Russia compromised seven states prior to 2016 election - NBC News
And then there's that. Note Zarate's supremely National Greatness response
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march 2018 by yorksranter
Who Closed the American Mind? | The American Conservative
Bloom relates that “I found myself responding to the professor of psychology that I personally tried to teach my students prejudices, since nowadays—with the general success of his method—they had learned to doubt beliefs even before they believed in anything … One has to have the experience of really believing before one can have the thrill of liberation.” Bloom’s preferred original title—before being overruled by Simon and Schuster—was Souls Without Longing. He was above all concerned that students, in being deprived of the experience of living in their own version of Plato’s cave, would never know or experience the opportunity of philosophic ascent.
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june 2017 by nhaliday

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