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Listen to read an excerpt from his new book ART MATTERS, on sale wherever books and audio…
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4 weeks ago by joostvanderborg
Notebooks – LEUCHTTURM1917
> I wish that Moleskine hadn't gone over to cheaper, thinner paper. Leuchtturm 1917 notebooks are better paper and cope well with fountain pens.
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11 weeks ago by marek-saji
Work on NEIL GAIMAN's MIRACLEMAN Resumed For 2019 Release
I read all of the original comics twenty years ago. I'm finally going to get to read the ending, twenty five years after the last issue came out and it got lost in legal hell.
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july 2018 by andrewducker
Neil Gaiman: How Stories Last - The Long Now
“‘Once upon a time,’ Gaiman said, “is code for ‘I’m lying to you.’ We experience stories as lies and truth at the same time. We learn to empathize with real people via made-up people. The most important thing that fiction does is it lets us look out through other eyes, and that teaches us empathy—that behind every pair of eyes is somebody like us.“ Stories have their own form of life, Gaiman concluded. “You can view people as this peculiar byproduct that stories use for breeding and transmission. They are symbiotic with us. They are the thing that we have used since the dawn of humanity to become more than just one person.“
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july 2018 by eugenexxv

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