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Dancing with Salesforce: Make Sure to Stay in Step
"Customers should keep Salesforce’s recent actions in mind as they prepare for their renewals. By anticipating these tactics, customers can shift the focus of these preemptive renewal conversations to what matters to them, the customer, and away from what matters most to Salesforce. Customers should set the agenda for these renewal discussions to ensure the conversation is productive and focused appropriately"
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1 hour ago by jonerp
Movable Levels - by jedusaur
He misses a chess date, then remembers what happened to the numbers when he stopped talking to Spock and immediately tries to schedule two more chess dates in a row. Spock looks like he's engaged in a deathmatch with his own biology over whether to bust up laughing, and declines the makeup date.

At their regular date, Spock observes, "You are agitated."

"No I'm not," says Jim. He stops jiggling his leg.

Spock does the judgy eyebrow thing, and Jim just... explodes.

"You're in my goddamn head! I don't even know if it's you I'm obsessed with or if it's just my fucking score. How am I supposed to figure out whether I'm in love with you when I can't even think straight?"

Spock minutely increases the eyebrow thing.

Jim buries his face in his hands. "I can't keep this up," he says, muffled and miserable. "I can't just... be like this for four years, two months, and fifteen days."

"It has been over five weeks since the commencement of the timeframe in question, therefore the time remaining--"

"You're the absolute fucking worst," says Jim, and ditches the game they've barely started to go hide out in his quarters.
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yesterday by runpunkrun
invitation - by DeHeerKonijn
“This is not an entirely consensual encounter.”

Jim stopped struggling against Spock's halting grip. His eyes were wide. He had the kind of bewildered, hyper-focused look of a very drunk engineering cadet trying to sit his final.

“Consensu— wh— Spock, we’re —“ Jim spluttered, “We’re married!”

“We are,” Spock agreed, always honored to acknowledge it, “But as you know, this is not an eternal, standing permission to engage in intercourse. If you were sober, as I believe you are not, you would be aware of this.”

“Sweetheart, I am so aware,” Jim groaned, but Spock noticed that it was in the tone Jim sometimes used when he wanted to hurry a conversation along while only listening with half an ear. He’d flopped back onto his hands, legs still spread wide in Spock’s lap and cock still leaking. “I appreciate the concern, but, God, I’m so — hot— Spock, c'mon!”
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3 days ago by runpunkrun
How to Be an Ace Salary Negotiator (Even if You Hate Conflict) - The New York Times
Sites like Glassdoor, PayScale and LinkedIn, as well as trade organizations, can also help you figure out where your salary should be.
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6 days ago by michelemiz
The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation
Stock options, RSUs, job offers, and taxes—a detailed reference, including hundreds of resources, explained from the ground up and made to be improved over time
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8 days ago by Z303

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