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sherlockbbc: Fic: The Long Game
Sherlock. John. A late night game of poker. Tons of UST, which at the end gets resolved in an unmistakable way
ust  fic  fanfiction  slash  first-time  humour  smouldering  sherlock  sherlock-bbc  sherlock/john  nc-17  adult  hot  table-sex  bj  bottom!john  needy!sherlock  lovely  hot-like-fire  author:stardust_made  john/sherlock  johnwatson 
march 2011 by jumpmybones
Random Whatever - Holmesian Fic: Nostalgia
Summary: Sherlock comes across some old photos of John and via his reaction to them realizes he has some strong feelings about his flatmate - shameless smut ensues.
hot  needy!sherlock  fic  fanfiction  nc-17  adult  slash  sherlock/john  sherlock  sherlock-bbc  possessive!sherlock  johnwatson  john/sherlock  author:random_nexus  omc  lovely  romance  smut  bottom!sherlock 
february 2011 by jumpmybones

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adult  angst  author:e_lucy_date  author:foxtoast  author:kirakira_nanoda  author:random_nexus  author:stardust_made  bj  bottom!john  bottom!sherlock  collaring  d/s  dog-tags  established-relationship  fanfiction  fic  first-time  hot-like-fire  hot  humour  john/sherlock  johnwatson  kink  love  lovely  military-kink  military  nc-17  omc  orgasm-denial  possessive!sherlock  possessive  pwp  roleplay  romance  sherlock/john  sherlock-bbc  sherlock  slash  smouldering  smut  submissive!sherlock  table-sex  ust 

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