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Playing Dirty by saltandbyrne
“You didn't shower, did you?” Sam's face flushes beet red and he stares down in his lap. “No.” “Good boy.” Dean scans the field and smiles slowly, licking his lips for emphasis before he runs his hand onto Sam's knee. (Sam is 16). Words: 5,044.
ao3  sam/dean  oneshot  author:saltandbyrne  weecest  smell!kink  underage!sam  kink:jockstrap  bottom!sam  top!dean  baby-boy  hot  wincest  favorite  kink:rimming  praise!kink  kink:dirty-talk  teen!chesters  P  haveread  needy!sam  place:bathroom  embarrassed!sam  kink:fingering 
march 2017 by mountainstomove
Under Sufferance by veronamay // MAINBLOGREC
Sam/Dean, touch-starvation. Besides other things, Lucifer touch-starves Sam in Hell as punishment (Sam did fall in the Pit with his entire body and all...). Once out, Sam cannot bring himself to ask Dean despite how badly he needs it. Dean needs to realize what Sam's problem is, and how to get himself to help, since constant touching doesn't exactly come naturally to him. Words:3933.
ao3  wincest  oneshot  beautiful  hurt!sam  touch-starvation  sam/dean  romance  fluff  pwp  slash  recced  author:veronamay  favorite  cuddling  needy!sam  caring!dean  U  haveread  all-human 
january 2017 by mountainstomove
7/4/1996 by riyku // MAINBLOGREC
We've all seen what happened when Dean took Sam out to that field to light off fireworks, but we don't know what might have happened after. Words:2,566
ao3  sam/dean  weecest  author:riyku  pre-series  oneshot  SPNS5  dark-side-of-the-moon  underage!sam  pining!dean  beautifully-written  favorite  forbidden-fruit  7  haveread  first-kiss  dean-teaching-sam  needy!sam  handjob  fingering  first-time  virgin!sam  bottom!sam  top!dean  no-condom  spit-as-lube  coming-untouched  teen!chesters  recced 
october 2016 by mountainstomove
Bait by blue_rouge // WIP
Coda to 10x01, Black. If threatening to kill Sam wouldn't draw Dean out, Cole was going to have to resort to other measures. Words:7475. Chapters:5/?.
character:cole  sam/cole  SPNS10  sam/dean  wincest  demon!dean  possessive!dean  smell!kink  wip  coda  jealous!dean  blowjob  marking  dub-con  bottom!sam  kink:dirty-talk  5to9k  sad!sam  alone!sam  pining!sam  embarrassed!sam  needy!sam  serialkiller!dean  author:blue_rouge  ao3  B  haveread  clothes-sharing  kink:rimming  all-human 
september 2016 by mountainstomove
Surrender by Coragyps
Sam Wesson, college drop-out and general nobody, is abducted from his home by a green-eyed stranger. Taken to the shadowy Facility, he is trained over time to embrace his inner Submissive and become the perfect slave. But is he making a mistake in trusting Dean to be his Master? Words:61,936.
swesson  rape/noncon  sam/dean  samcestiel  destiel  au  kink:bdsm  kink:humiliation  kink:bondage  washing  manipulation  bottom!sam  top!dean  kink:enema  60k  character:sam-wesson  master!dean  institutionalized-slavery  kidnapped!sam  submissive!sam  slave!sam  not-related  endearments  praise!kink  needy!sam  touch  kink:object-insertion  kink:pain  loner!sam  sam/castiel  character:bobby-singer  virgin!sam  ao3  kink:spanking  kink:coming-untouched  emotional-hurt/comfort  medical!kink 
september 2016 by mountainstomove
Hit the Head by valiant
Twelve-year-old Sam loves Dean's dick and cum so much, he starts to fantasize about gulping down EVERYTHING that cock can offer and can't get the thought of drinking Dean's piss out of his head. Eventually, in the heat of the moment, he begs Dean for it. Dean's unsure at first, but when Sammy pleads for him to piss down his throat and then wraps his little mouth around the head of his cock, he can't resist. Bonus points if afterwards, Dean fucks his mouth hard and Sam comes untouched. Word Count: 2,179.
top!dean  sam/dean  pre-series  rating:nc-17  author:valiant  weecest  kink:watersports  underage!sam  horny!sam  kink:coming-untouched  kink:dirty-talk  kink:comeplay  blowjob  needy!sam  H  haveread  livejournal  kink:oral-fixation  kink:piss-drinking  established-relationship  baby-boy 
august 2016 by mountainstomove
here between your hips (this is where I wanna live) by strippedpink // MAINBLOGREC
Written for spn_rimmathon with the prompt Dean is trying to embarrass wee!Sammy by talking about sex explicitly while John is gone. But it backfires when Dean starts talking about rimming and Sam says he wonders what that feels like. Of course, Dean has to demonstrate. No plot, just tongue-in-bum. Word Count: 3, 279.
author:strippedpink  underage  sam/dean  bottom!sam  rating:nc-17  top!dean  pre-series  weecest  oneshot  pwp  dean-teaching-sam  livejournal  embarrassed!sam  underage!sam  alone!boys  kink:dirty-talk  dean/ofc  clueless!sam  first-time  forbidden-fruit  kink:voyeurism  needy!sam  recced  kink:rimming  kink:masturbation  getting-caught-masturbating  author:keepaofthecheez 
july 2016 by mountainstomove
High Score by rivers_bend // MAINBLOGREC
Summary: for the prompt Weecest (Sam is 14-16). bottom Sam. wall sex. Dean [does] Sam up against a wall and Sam has his legs wrapped around Dean and moans. Words: ~1000.
author:rivers_bend  sam/dean  wincest  slash  pwp  bottom!sam  weecest  rating:nc-17  pre-series  teen!chesters  kink:wall-sex  top!dean  livejournal  needy!sam  public-sex  recced 
july 2016 by mountainstomove
The Psychology of Genetic Sexual Attraction by sonofabiscuit77
…50% of of reunions between siblings, or parents and offspring, separated at birth result in obsessive emotions...” This story begins in 2001 in a garage in Palo Alto when 18-year old Stanford student, Sam Sharma, plucks up the courage to ask car mechanic, Dean Cooper, out for a cup of coffee. Their attraction is instantaneous and overwhelming, and the relationship that develops seems perfect. Except there's no such thing as perfect, and unbeknown to Sam and Dean, this particular love story started a long time before they even met. Word Count: 49k.
livejournal  sam/dean  wincest  brothers-raised-apart  separated!boys  meet-again-years-later  bigbang  author:sonofabiscuit77  rating:nc-17  40k  pining!sam  au  accidental-wincest  supernatural-fanart  mechanic!dean  student!sam  shy!sam  meet-as-strangers  underage!sam  awkward!sam  first-date  rich/poor  kink:dirty-talk  flirting  first-kiss  first-time  kink:handjob  kink:frottage  needy!sam  virgin!sam  dean-teaching-sam  kink:blowjob  kink:public-sex  dean/omc  cheating  guilty!dean  bottom!sam  top!dean  angst  getting-together  romance  adopted!sam  adopted!dean  living-together  jealous!dean  brothers-fighting  moving-in-together  secrets  T  haveread  established-relationship  past-tragedy  not-john-friendly  porn  forbidden-fruit  possessive!sam  place:garage  all-human 
july 2016 by mountainstomove
The First Time by kinksock22 // MAINBLOGREC
or this prompt at the kink meme: Dean killed his first creature, a werewolf, when he was sixteen. Afterwards John dropped him off at the motel room with Sammy and left on another hunt immediately. I'd like Dean still pumped on adrenaline and Sam worried sick about what happened (and all the bruises he had, per Bad Boys) and all that energy turns into sex even though Dean had sworn they'd wait til Sam was at least 14. I just want passionate, desperate omg you almost died sex with Dean still trying to be gentle, and Sam being swept along (but completely consensual).
toread  author:kinksock22  oneshot  sam/dean  wincest  weecest  underage!sam  dean-hunts-with-dad  alone!sam  first-time  spnkinkmeme  bottom!sam  top!dean  teen!chesters  worried!sam  author:ghost_writer26  ao3  needy!sam  baby-boy  T  haveread  recced  established-relationship 
may 2016 by mountainstomove
Touch by brokenlittleboy
Sam gets kidnapped and isn't touched for weeks. When Dean finally gets him back, all Sam wants to do is touch, touch, touch. He wants to touch more than brothers should. Hurt/comfort. Words:4268.
sam/dean  wincest  touch-starvation  author:brokenlittleboy  pre-series  teen!chesters  hurt!sam  kissing  hurt/comfort  caring!dean  oneshot  character:john-winchester  kidnapped!sam  protective!dean  ao3  T  haveread  caring!john  bad-guy:omc  dean-to-the-rescue  worried!dean  scared!sam  ptsd  author-rec  teen!sam  first-kiss  needy!sam  kink:handjob  first-time 
may 2016 by mountainstomove
delanach: I Want You To Want Me
Summary: Sam is determined to get what he wants, despite Dean's reluctance.

word count: 7,451
fic  fanfiction  hot  needy!sam  sam/dean  pre-series  wincest  teen!chesters  supernatural  spn  first-time  nc-17  adult  pwp  smut  slash  author:delanach  sam  dean  bottom!sam  underage 
september 2011 by jumpmybones
spnkink_meme: !!! CLOSED! SPN -> Wincest Prompting Post // Nov 15 - De
Sam 14-16ish. Sam wants Dean. Dean wants Sam but has repeatedly refused him (because incest is wrong, Sam is too young, whatever, etc.).

Until Dean walks in on Sam half naked and about to have sex with another guy, at which point he kicks the guy out and has his own way with Sam. Sam is obviously overjoyed with this turn of events (could have been his plan for Dean to catch them and get jealous, if you like).

Virgin!Sam, bottom!Sam please, with an emphasis on Dean's desire to claim Sam as his.
fic  fanfiction  hot  nc-17  adult  first-time  jealous!dean  possessive!dean  pwp  smut  sam/dean  bottom!sam  sam/omc  spn  spnslash  slash  supernatural  needy!sam  love  kinkmeme 
august 2011 by jumpmybones
exd_fic: SUPERNATURAL FIC: Perk of Being Older, [1/1]
Dean has always known how to handle Sam, even as a child. It isn't that surprising when de-aged! or switched!Dean (13-15) controls older!Sam so easily.

Bonus for controlling!Dean, possessive!Dean, slutty!bottom!Sam
author:eclecticxdetour  bottom!sam  sam  dean  needy!sam  possessive!dean  rimming  jealous!dean  hurt!dean  handjob  sam/dean  de-aged  barebacking  slash  supernatural  spn  spnslash 
august 2011 by jumpmybones
exd_fic: SUPERNATURAL FIC: Into the Woods, [1/1]
This was written for the prompt Dean is horny as hell and their in bumfuck nowhere for the summer hunting some elusive beast up in the mountains. Listening to Dean's constant whining John finally suggests that Dean just takes some relief from Sammy, could be serious or a joke. Sam overhears and likes the idea far too much, pushy Sammy begs Dean until the teen gives in and pounds his brother.

Rough sex, cockslut!Sammy, possessive!Sammy, just the boys fucking off into the woods to screw
underage  first-time  sam  dean  fic  fanfiction  nc-17  adult  sam/dean  slash  weecest  supernatural  spn  spnslash  bottom!sam  author:eclecticxdetour  possessive!sam  needy!sam  schmoop  rough  riding  hot  cockslut!sam  barebacking 
august 2011 by jumpmybones
Because Reality Has Cubicles - Master Fic List - WEECEST FICS
Love and Other Processed Sweeteners Summary: Sam's trying to figure out what it meant when Dean kissed him, but he doesn't really have anyone but Dean he can ask.

Too Far Gone For Lullabies: Dean's opening Sam's eyes to all kinds of new worlds.

A Part to Play: Dean knows Sam needs him, loves him, should be with him - now he just has to convince Sammy.

Coming Home: Sam's just gotten back from a long trip out of town to see his mom; his next door neighbor, Dean, is very glad to have him back - and to show him what Dean was doing while he was away.

Letting Go: Sam's beginning to wonder if his relationship with Dean is a problem; he's beginning to wonder if he can stop.

How Deep This Runs: Summary - Sam just wanted a normal prom, he should have known that was never going to happen with Dean around.
series:not-a-verse  author:bewaretheides15  fic  fanfiction  highschool  love  romance  friendship  boys-not-related  sam  dean  sam/dean  nc-17  adult  hot  bottom!sam  oral  needy!sam  rough  au  angst  possessive!dean  slash  spn  spnslash  supernatural  teen!chesters  underage  piercing  first-time  established-relationship  amazing  hot-like-fire 
june 2011 by jumpmybones

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!!  10k  40k  5to9k  60k  7  a  accidental-wincest  adopted!dean  adopted!sam  adult  aggressive!dean  all-human  alone!boys  alone!sam  amazing  angel-powers  angst  ao3  archangel  au  author-rec  author:bewaretheides15  author:blue_rouge  author:brokenlittleboy  author:delanach  author:eclecticxdetour  author:ghost_writer26  author:jessebee  author:keepaofthecheez  author:kijikun  author:kinksock22  author:nu_breed  author:pinkwithoutplot  author:rivers_bend  author:riyku  author:saltandbyrne  author:shantirosa  author:sonofabiscuit77  author:strippedpink  author:tiptoe39  author:valiant  author:veronamay  awkward!sam  b  baby-boy  bad-guy:omc  barebacking  beautiful  beautifully-written  bed-sharing  bigbang  blindfold_spn  blowjob  bottom!jared  bottom!sam  boys-not-related  brothers-fighting  brothers-raised-apart  caring!dean  caring!john  caught  character:bobby-singer  character:cole  character:john-winchester  character:sam-wesson  cheating  christmas  clothes-sharing  clueless!sam  cockslut!sam  coda  coming-untouched  crossover  cuddling  d/s  dark-side-of-the-moon  de-aged!dean  de-aged  dean/ofc  dean/omc  dean-hunts-with-dad  dean-teaching-sam  dean-to-the-rescue  dean  demon!dean  demon-blood  demon.dean  destiel  dub-con  embarrassed!sam  emotional-hurt/comfort  endearments  episode:mystery-spot  episodecoda  established-relationship  evil.dean  fanfiction  fantasies  favorite  fellatio  fic  fingering  first-date  first-kiss  first-time  flirting  fluff  forbidden-fruit  friendship  fuck-or-die  gabriel/trickster  getting-caught-masturbating  getting-together  greedy!sam  guilty!dean  h/c  h  handjob  haveread  highschool  horny!sam  hot-like-fire  hot  hurt!dean  hurt!sam  hurt/comfort  i  impala!sex  impala  institutionalized-slavery  j2  jealous!dean  john  kidnapped!sam  kink!dom.sub  kink!gunplay  kink!piercing  kink!roleplay  kink!rough  kink!tattoo  kink  kink:bdsm  kink:blowjob  kink:bondage  kink:comeplay  kink:coming-untouched  kink:dirty-talk  kink:enema  kink:fingering  kink:frottage  kink:handjob  kink:humiliation  kink:jockstrap  kink:masturbation  kink:nipple-play  kink:object-insertion  kink:oral-fixation  kink:pain  kink:piss-drinking  kink:public-sex  kink:rimming  kink:spanking  kink:voyeurism  kink:wall-sex  kink:watersports  kinkmeme  kissing  leaving-for-stanford  livejournal  living-together  loner!sam  love  lovely  manipulation  marking  master!dean  mechanic!dean  medical!kink  meet-again-years-later  meet-as-strangers  minor-character-death  moving-in-together  mutual-masturbation  nc-17  nightmares  no-condom  not-john-friendly  not-related  object.insertion  oneshot  oral  outdoors  p  pain-kink  past-tragedy  piercing  pining!dean  pining!sam  place:bathroom  place:garage  porn  possessive!dean  possessive!gabriel  possessive!sam  post-hell  powers  praise!kink  pre-series  prompt  protective!dean  protective!gabriel  ptsd  public-sex  public  pwp  rape/noncon  rating:nc-17  recced  reluctant!dean  rich/poor  riding  rimming  romance  rough  rounds_of_kink  sad!sam  sam/castiel  sam/cole  sam/dean  sam/gabriel  sam/omc  sam/others  sam  samcestiel  samulet  scared!sam  schmoop  secrets  separated!boys  serialkiller!dean  series:not-a-verse  sex  shy!sam  sinful-desire  size!kink  slash  slave!sam  smell!kink  smut  soulmates  spanking  spit-as-lube  spn  spnkinkmeme  spns1  spns10  spns4  spns5  spnslash  student!sam  submissive!sam  supernatural-fanart  supernatural  swesson  t  teen!chesters  teen!sam  threesome  top!dean  top!jared  top!jensen  toread  touch-starvation  touch  u  underage!sam  underage  virgin!sam  voyeurism  washing  wee!cest  wee!chesters  weecest  wincest  wingfic  wip  worried!dean  worried!sam 

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