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Ghosts from the Past - enigmaticblue - NCIS, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate SG-1 [Archive of Our Own]
In another lifetime, Tony spent summers in the Hamptons with the scions of other rich families, including one John Sheppard. In this lifetime, they meet again when they’re both at a crossroad.
fic  crossover  sga  ncis  John/Tony  author:enigmaticblue  wordcount:90k  ao3  saved 
8 days ago by anascho
Damage by Xanthe
When Gibbs investigates a minor robbery, he uncovers something much more sinister. The resulting investigation has unexpected and far-reaching consequences.

Damage: n.1. Injury or harm impairing the function or condition of a person or thing.
ncis  gibbs/dinozzo  tony  child-abuse  hurt/comfort  casefic  Angst 
11 days ago by allhoneyboo
Little Pitchers, Big Ears - nagi_schwarz - Stargate Atlantis [Archive of Our Own]
“What have we got?” Gibbs stared through the window at the man in the interrogation room. He was sitting very still, eyes front, but Gibbs had the sense that he was perfectly aware of everything around him.
That kind of alertness was useful in battle. It was less useful in a civilian setting.
Gibbs - and everyone else - was wondering if that soldier-alertness had led to the corpse on Ducky’s table down in the morgue.
Tony cleared his throat. “Lieutenant Aiden Ford, United States Marines -”
fic  StarGate  SGA  NCIS  Ford  nagi_schwarz  futurefic  xover  ! 
14 days ago by adanska
Pauley Perrette, who said she left after “multiple physical assaults” on the set, is returning to CBS as the…
NCIS  from twitter_favs
19 days ago by andriak
Ten Nonlinear Moves by Sequitar
Tony doesn’t become team leader overnight. First, they have all have to watch movies, develop new neuroses, and make flowcharts.
4 weeks ago by missfox
Illusions Lost by LitGal
Gibbs has left for Mexico, and Tony’s gut is telling him he’s in trouble. He asks Garcia if she will do a little digging, but bringing Garcia in means bringing in other members of the BAU.
criminalminds  rating:pg  tonyleaves  competent!dinozzo  gen  crossover  words:25k-50k  complete  ncis 
9 weeks ago by FreyaOdin
fic_promptly | Friday: Free for all
Authors Choice, Any/Any, Just a few more hours until their weekend together starts
2018/07  AuthorsChoice  NCIS  Filled 
11 weeks ago by fic_promptly
fic_promptly | Friday: Free for all
NCIS/Any, Tony DiNozzo/Any, they saw through his masks.
2018/07  NCIS  Lonely  Crossover 
11 weeks ago by fic_promptly
SG Team Gibbs by paburke
When brass this high was using his rank, bad things were about to happen –or had.
Fic  NCIS  Stargate:SG-1  Stargate:Atlantis  Gen  AU  Clones  Family  WC:<2K  Jan2019 
11 weeks ago by paraka
zathara001: Detached Duty series
When Gibbs, DiNozzo, and McGee are sent on TAD to investigate a death at Cheyenne Mountain, they find more than they expected.
sg-1  ncis  au:zathara001 
12 weeks ago by oriolegirl

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