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To Have and to Hold by Skalidra
Damian is Ra's' grandson, and has lived his whole life in the League. Tim is Robin, and one of Ra's' prospective heirs; competition that Damian is not willing to let be. Unfortunately, Ra's won't allow Damian to kill his competition (yet), which leaves only one option to remove Drake from the running, or at least ensure his own power. Marriage.
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6 hours ago by vk2ria
We will remain vigilant in our opposition to activities related to oil and gas exploration off the coast ... se…
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2 days ago by andriak
Yadkin River Adventures
Kayaking service on the Yadkin River.
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8 days ago by jerid.francom
Big morning!
📣 House Health Committee is about to debate Health Care for Working Families. We’re followin…
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12 days ago by andriak
Might be good to get on there
15 days ago by symfogg
Fiddler's Grove :: Home
96th Ole Time Fiddler’s & Bluegrass Festival, May 24-26th, 2019!
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20 days ago by bikesandbooks
Key Haven
ncsu fac/staff place
24 days ago by robincamille
Deleted last tweet for wrong tag: says many rural residents in live close to cities. Better transi…
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26 days ago by andriak
Check out this article about issue plaguing all of : the crisis. is a…
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26 days ago by andriak
Clyde Smith Shelter | Appalachian Trail Section Hiking
From Tall Guy, “You’ll be back hiking with your brother in about 400 miles. That’s how long the average trail romance lasts.”
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29 days ago by kme
"You're carving out a business interest against your own citizens": More on the complaint alleging previous Far…
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4 weeks ago by andriak

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