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Tomas Satoransky Is the Glue Guy in a Locker Room That Tore Itself Apart
"Discovering Satoransky was serendipitous. He has been one of Washington’s rare feel-good moments over the past two seasons. And that’s exactly how he carries himself: like a walking, talking, firm-hand-shaking, 6-foot-7 feel-good moment. He’s happy to help Wizards employees; if the social media team needs player participation, Satoransky’s the one to ask. He’s a good quote and will play along with reporters’ questions. He nods when he’s listening and makes eye contact. Always the eye contact. The first time Brooks met Satoransky, in 2016 at an Orange County gym, that was his takeaway. 'I just liked the way he was fixated on my eyes, and he was listening to everything I said.'"
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Ben Simmons Is Not Holding the Sixers Back
"Another way Simmons could placate the howling mobs would be to catapult a few 3s like Milwaukee star Giannis Antetokounmpo, whose 17.6 percent rate from deep has the graceful touch of a Plymouth Voyager tumbling down a mountain. But Simmons is an uncompromising artist. To him, the notion of taking lousy, performative shots instead of creating better ones must seem obscenely dumb. Maybe he’s an unemotional ice queen who would rather be IG-Storying Chateau Marmont’s shakshuka with Jonathan Cheban, but he’s right."
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