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Stat of the Week: Isaiah Thomas’ Finishing – Cleaning the Glass
Major injuries affect all aspects of a players’ production, but I haven’t seen anywhere those injuries show up more consistently than in a player’s finishing numbers. This has been especially apparent with Achilles injuries, which, for many players, robs them of the lift they depend on to convert at the basket. For example, take a look at Wesley Matthews’ finishing numbers over his career:
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How LeBron James fixed his back and is on track to play all 82 games - NBA
James is known to personally spend seven figures a year caring for his body, and Raimon is part of that tab. So are personal chefs and masseuses. He also gets private treatments with liquid nitrogen to help reduce inflammation. James' home facilities rival those of professional teams. In his home in Akron, James has a fully outfitted workout gym, hot and cold tubs and a hyperbaric chamber.

Ultimately, even with all the support, James feels like taking care of his body has been a personal journey he has had to figure out largely by feel and by mixing work with experimentation. The rewards he is seeing his season -- saying himself that he's aging like fine wine -- have allowed him to pause to evaluate the ongoing process.
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Google Cloud - Official Cloud of the NCAA® - March Madness
Know what your data knows.
The NCAA® is using Google Cloud to analyze decades of untapped data for insights to help student-athletes grow, make schools thrive, and give fans more to cheer about.
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Philadelphia 76ers have NBA's top food program
In Philadelphia, the 76ers can order yakisoba noodles for breakfast and drink bone broth during film sessions. It's all part of the team's food program under executive chef JaeHee Cho.
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Friday Film: Switch Counter, Double Stack, Back to Back – Cleaning the Glass
Switching is hard. Mistakes are bound to be made. The Warriors don’t just allow a team to switch and then stop moving. Instead they force opponents to execute these switches perfectly over and over and over again, betting they won’t be able to.

The Rockets’ small lineup is excellent at switching. But even teams that are good at switching will have breakdowns. Especially if one of the players involved in the switch is the Rockets’ weakest defender in this lineup: James Harden.

Casey had DeRozan dribble at Norman Powell in the corner as if it was going to be a dribble handoff (DHO). But that was just designed to create confusion over the switch. DeRozan kept the ball and turned on the speed. Tucker thought it was a switch, Harden didn’t, and DeRozan cruised to the cup.
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The Whole is Greater than the Sum – Cleaning the Glass
This is the beauty of basketball: players and coaches aren’t just interchangeable pieces. Fit matters. When the pieces click, it can create something incredible and lasting — a team like the 1970s Knicks is still held up as an example of just this idea of gestalt on the court.
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Philadelphia 76ers have NBA's top food program
The NBA is living in a golden age of infrastructure -- gleaming new training facilities populated by cutting-edge sports scientists and space-age machinery, analytics departments larger than entire basketball operations departments were a decade ago and amenities that cater to seemingly every need of the modern NBA player.

The Sixers have put food at the center of the team's daily existence. Situated on the second floor of the Sixers' training facility in Camden, New Jersey, the team's enormous, light-filled dining room and professional-grade kitchen with a view of the Philadelphia skyline function not only as a fueling station where players receive nourishment, but also a hub for the communal life of the team.

"It's always good to break bread with people, with your teammates," says Sixers wing Justin Anderson. "I've learned as much from my teammates in here or on the road at dinner or inviting them over. Food has been a great way over my career to get to know my teammates."
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Totally Honest
Christian article about NBA and NCAA basketball studio host Ernie Johnson and his faith and basketball.
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Stat of the Week: C’s Rebounding – Cleaning the Glass
And yet, even during this slide, Boston’s defensive rebounding with Jayson Tatum playing small forward has remained consistent. When the Celtics play lineups with Tatum at SF they have a lot of size and length on the court — size and length that turns a below average rebounding team into a very good one. As we saw in The Celtic Surprise, Boston’s defense reaches elite levels when they defensive rebound well. That’s exactly what’s happened with Tatum at SF: they have forced a very high rate of midrange shots, rebounded very well, and kept their fouls down.
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Oh, the Places You’ll Go to Tank NBA Games
"Tanking—the means of willfully placing a competitor in a situation that increases the chance of losing—is a game within the game that, when a fan base buys in, denatures the fabric of basketball itself. Yes, tanking is symptomatic of much broader issues with the pay and incentive structures that prop up the league up on a shoddy foundation, issues that are not likely to be resolved anytime soon. Tanking, taken at face value, is also extremely groovy. When a team tanks, results matter in a way they weren’t designed to; things that are supposed to be objective (like a notch in the win column) become subjective. Tanking creates a dimension that the game didn’t necessarily need, but to which some have come to adapt and understand on its terms, like a double-sided grid for Connect 4. If the quest to win a Larry O’Brien Trophy is the NBA’s magnetic north, the race to the bottom of the standings for the best chance at a no. 1 draft selection is its magnetic south."
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