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I am going to set a ground rule in my blog. I am not going to use words like crisis, catastrophe, depression…so freely brandied around to describe these times. These can only get us deeper into a hole as I honestly believe our biggest obstacle right now is our collective psychology. We need to go on the offense, not on the defense. Rather than worrying about the impact on our company, we should be focused on innovative approaches to reduce the impact on our customers, our employees, our shareholders. That will take care of our company automatically.
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february 2009 by meryn
Who Is the Leader of the Future? - Vineet Nayar -
While some might argue that the leader of tomorrow would be the Chief Risk Mitigator, there is no doubt that this leader would need to be the Chief Motivating Officer. As Warren Bennis, a recognized authority on organizational development, leadership and change, and also a participant at Unstructure, puts it simply: "A leader doesn't just get the message across - a leader is the message." And the biggest message a leader of the future can give his people is that of confidence and positive forward momentum.
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february 2009 by meryn
Trust Through Transparency - Vineet Nayar -
[Generation Y] lives in a world of open communication and that is the only manner they trust. Generation Y is also a collaborative group. Be it on the internet or the real world, they work well in teams unlike their predecessors who grew up in a far more individualistic manner. They share knowledge, opinion, suggestions far more easily and are more open to receiving the same. Communication is the fulcrum around which they build their personal and professional lives. And in the dynamic business environment that we operate in today, this requires trust. It is easier to work with a team in still waters as you have the luxury of time to overcome misgivings or misunderstandings. However while rafting in choppy waters with constantly changing landscape, the only way teams can succeed is by trusting each other's abilities, action and intent.
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february 2009 by meryn

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