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Download a Fitness Plan | Royal Marines Fitness Test Training
Please select from the plans below to download a suitable fitness plan that will help you prepare for the next stage of the joining process, as well as for the rigours of Basic Training.
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9 days ago by asaltydog
Notre Dame Naval ROTC - Posts
18 APR 2018 (Notre Dame, IN)
On the morning of Wednesday, 18 APR 2018, BCO announced MIDN Bolton as Midshipman of the Week. MIDN Bolton took part in “The Bald and the Beautiful” campaign on Notre Dame’s campus which, to date, has raised over $300,000.00 for pediatric cancer research. MIDN 3/C Bolton raised a staggering $1,300.00 for her own campaign! Donations are split between St. Baldrick’s Foundation and Beacon Children's Hospital in South Bend. Bravo Zulu, MIDN Bolton, keep crushin’ it!
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18 days ago by rgl7194
Military Spending From Reddit
An interesting perspective of military spending in the US.
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5 weeks ago by isthisright
Thai boys rescue
Pattaya Beach - the one in the cave and 6 hours to get to the location where the soccer team is stranded
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6 weeks ago by bmike
China Escalates Hacks Against the US as Trade Tensions Rise | WIRED
In recent weeks, Chinese hackers have reportedly breached a US Navy contractor that works for the Naval Undersea Warfare Center, stealing 614 GB of data about submarine and undersea weapons technology. Attacks in the last few months originating from China have also targeted US satellite and geospatial imaging firms, and an array of telecoms. The incidents highlight the clandestine but incessant hacking campaigns that continue reliably between the US and China.

David Kennedy, CEO of the threat tracking firm Binary Defense Systems, who formerly worked at the NSA and with the Marine Corps

Symantec also published research on a series of attacks in the same category from November 2017 to April from a hacking group dubbed Thrip
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6 weeks ago by bwiese
How Norway Is Building One of the World's Most Lethal Missiles (And It Could End Up on the F-35) | The National Interest Blog
Passive countermeasures aren’t the only tools in NSM’s toolbox. The missile is capable of high-G maneuvers in the terminal phase, making its path difficult to predict. This is especially useful against gun-type close-in weapon systems, such as Phalanx CIWS or the Chinese Type 730, that fire on predicted missile paths.

Moments from impact, the missile’s Autonomous Target Recognition searches an enemy task group for the exact ship to target. Furthermore, Naval Strike Missile has target hit point selectability, meaning it can be programmed to strike a certain part of a certain enemy ship, such as the bridge. On impact it delivers a 276-pound high-explosive warhead. The warhead has a programmable fuse, allowing it to detonate on contact with an enemy ship or deep within an enemy ship’s interior. The missile is described as having a titanium warhead, which is likely to help penetrate enemy hulls...

Kongsberg has developed a variant of the NSM known as the Joint Strike Missile (JSM). JSM is meant for long range strike against both land targets and ships. The missile was designed to fit in the internal weapons bay of the F-35 Joint Strike Missile. To accomplish this, the turbojet’s air intake was moved from the bottom of the missile to both sides of the aircraft, and the missile’s fins were altered.

A consequence of making the JSM fit inside the F-35 is that it is now compatible with the Mk.41 vertical launch system. The Mk. 41 VLS is the standard missile silo for U.S., NATO and other allied naval vessels. Previous missiles, such as Harpoon, were bolted onto the superstructure or deck of a ship where space allowed. This not only limited the number of missiles that could be carried but was detrimental to a ship’s radar cross section. Most ships with Mk.41 modules have scores of them, meaning even a destroyer-type ship such as the Arleigh Burke class could theoretically carry up to ninety of them.
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8 weeks ago by campion1581

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