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King -Man +Woman = King ? - Netherlands eScience Center
The examples they give for how awesome word2vec is are mostly lies.
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Panel discussing discussing using and in understanding the customer an…
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How ProPublica's Message Machine Reverse Engineers Political Microtargeting — ProPublica
via paul bradshaw (( How ProPublica’s Message Machine Reverse Engineers Political Microtargeting used decision trees — another example of clustering in machine learning: “Decision Trees are useful at finding hidden models in a particular data set, particularly because they produce a human-readable tree of partitions of the data.”
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may 2019 by fcoel
More than a Million Pro-Repeal Net Neutrality Comments were Likely Faked
behind the scenes por paul bradshaw (( “Curious clusters“, then is a useful way of summing up one of the main applications for unsupervised learning in journalism: this piece, which uses an algorithm to identify suspicious clustering in submissions to a consultation over net neutrality, is another example. It’s not clear whether this was genuine machine learning, but it’s a good example of how unsupervised learning techniques could be used in a similar way.
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may 2019 by fcoel

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