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RT : Our new ally, Montenegro, just convicted 2 Russian intelligence operatives & 12 others for plotting Putin-ins…
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17 days ago by kcarruthers
How NATO and the U.S. are preparing for any Russian aggression off the coast of Norway - CBS News
You might not think of Norway, which has a tiny military, as a vital NATO ally, but we found a country that is on the front lines with Russia and serves as NATO's eyes and ears in the High North.
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27 days ago by allaboutgeorge
Libya crisis: UK officials anxious as blame is laid at doors of Gulf allies | World news | The Guardian
Blame for the renewed Libyan crisis has been laid at the doors of some of Britain’s closest allies in the Gulf, highlighting again how the UK’s commercial interests so often trump its political priorities in the Middle East.
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6 weeks ago by asterisk2a
RT : 's state TV describes as "the most ineffective alliance imaginable," falsely claiming that in 2014, th…
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7 weeks ago by antaldaniel
Das ist nicht der Punkt. Trump kann sprengen. Wäre 🇩🇪 politisch, finanziell, moralisch bereit, selbst für sei…
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7 weeks ago by staibha
Heute vor 70 Jahren wurde die gegründet. Man kann das Militärbündnis mögen oder nicht, aber Fakt ist: Keines…
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7 weeks ago by NeoNacho

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