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Meant to Be – Popula
"Pristina ... has in the last century alone been part of Serbia, Bulgaria, Serbia again, Yugoslavia, Albania, Yugoslavia again, the United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo, and currently Kosovo itself, of which it is the capital. This alone should tell you that nations are a scam and borders are violence. Pristina has the second-largest Albanian population in the world."
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The Nationalism Project: What is Nationalism?
There are four core debates which permeate the study of nations and nationalism. First among these is the question of how to define the terms "nation" and "nationalism." Second, scholars argue about when nations first appeared. Academics have suggested a variety of time frames, including (but not limited to!) the following:

Nationalists argue that nations are timeless phenomena. When man climbed out of the primordial slime, he immediately set about creating nations.

The next major school of thought is that of the perennialists who argue that nations have been around for a very long time, though they take different shapes at different points in history.

While postmodernists and Marxists also play in the larger debates surrounding this topic, the modernization school is perhaps the most prevalent scholarly argument at the moment. These scholars see nations as entirely modern and constructed.
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The National in Everyday Life: A Critical engagement with Michael Billig's Thesis of Banal Nationalism
This paper is designed to provide a critical engagement with Michael Billig’s seminal thesis of Banal Nationalism (1995), perhaps the most influential study of everyday forms of nationhood. With an increasing number now focusing on the (re) produc- tion, dissemination and negotiation of the national through routine texts and prac- tices (cf Foster, 2002; Edensor, 2002; Madianou, 2005; Brubaker et al., 2006; Bratsis, 2006) and others employing the concept of banality in relation to non-national (Gorringe, 2006) and post-national identities (Aksoy and Robins, 2002; Szerszynski and Urry, 2002; Beck, 2006; Cram, 2001), it would seem like an opportune moment to assess Billig’s contribution and also the limits of his approach.
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National identity, popular culture and everyday life
However, because national identity is not only a matter of will and strategy, butis enmeshed in the embodied, material ways in which we live – in the rich realmof ‘thick description’ (Geertz, 1993) – it is in many ways inaccessible to thepoliticians and campaigners and their circumscribing manoeuvres. This is, ofcourse, not to say that such appeals are not effective in mobilising people to fightfor causes – recent history suggests otherwise – but that the sheer complexity ofthese associations offers hope that the increasing ambivalence of national identitymight militate against exclusive and reified versions.

(14) (PDF) National identity, popular culture and everyday life. Available from: [accessed Feb 27 2019].
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Social Construction of Nation - A Theoretical Exploration
In this article, the term “nation” is understood as a mental construct, and the formation of national identity as a dynamic, contentious historical process of social construction. Using the concept of “figured world of nationhood,” I discuss how the subjective, collective perception of the “objective,” virtual reality of a nation is (re)constituted and negotiated through social practices. In the same process, actors come to increasingly identify with and commit themselves to this “figured world of nationhood.” The agency of social actors involved is differentiated according to the respective “social field” of their action.
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IEN Responds to AOC-Markey Green New Deal | Indigenous Environmental Network
explicit language about including indigenous communities in climate work
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Robert Jackson examines the birth and survival of Third World nations since the end of the Second World War. He describes these countries as "quasi-states," arguing that they exist more by the support and indulgence of the international community than by the abilities and efforts of their own governments and peoples. He investigates the international normative framework that upholds sovereign statehood in the Third World. This he calls "negative sovereignty" and contrasts it with what he sees as the "positive sovereignty" that emerged in Europe along with the modern state. Within this structure, he examines how negative sovereignty arose, and its mechanisms and consequences for both international politics and the domestic conditions of quasi-states. He concludes by assessing the future of quasi-states and the institution of negative sovereignty.
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