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Europe and nationalism: A country-by-country guide - BBC News
An overview of the main right-wing/nationalist/anti-immigrant parties in Europe right now (Sept. 2018).
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Britpop is back! What's behind the 90s music revival?
This summer’s Cool Britannia festival showed there is a huge appetite for re-formed 90s bands, including the Bluetones, Echobelly and Sleeper. Was the music really that good – or do people just want nostalgia during uncertain times?
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The end of Atlanticism: has Trump killed the ideology that won the cold war? | News | The Guardian
"special relationship" - The foreign policy establishment has been lamenting its death for half a century. But Atlanticism has long been a convenient myth // Atlanticism has never had a very stable meaning. For one thing, the US and Europe have not always considered each other natural political partners. For most of American history, there hasn’t even been a unified “Europe” to partner with. [...] Advertisement

In 1973, Henry Kissinger, himself a transatlantic refugee, launched a “Year of Europe” tour to try to save the relationship in the name of containment, preventing the further growth of the Soviet Union. Speaking as Nixon’s national security adviser, he asked whether the Atlantic community could thrive as the memory of the second world war began to fade. As the “rigid divisions of the past two decades diminish, new assertions of national identity and national rivalry emerge”. He argued that Americans should continue to support European unity. “If we permit the Atlantic partnership to atrophy … we shall miss our historic opportunity for even greater achievement.”
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Germany’s far right never went away, but festered in its eastern stronghold
What, then, if it’s actually a question of deep cultural differences? As soon as you look clearly at German history, you see that the vaunted north-south divide in England comes nowhere close. There were no permanent German settlements at all in what we came to call East Germany until the land was gradually conquered – it was quite literally a crusade – after AD1147. We have a very close parallel in the attempted British conquest of Ireland, which began at almost the same time. The inescapable word is colonialism and, in both cases, the vital point is that the colonisation was never wholly successful.
The great tragedy of modern German, and indeed European, history is that Prussia managed to defeat and annex the whole country between 1866 and 1871 – and then systematically pushed the idea that this was “unification”. Imagine that in the mid-17th century Ulstermen and Scottish Covenanters – poorer but militarily more organised and accustomed to using armed force in daily life and politics – became paramount over the whole of a hopelessly divided Britain and then deployed all its manpower and wealth in their own interests. That is roughly what happened to the western Germans under Prussia from 1866 to 1945.
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18 days ago by craigryan
Kwame Anthony Appiah on race, nationalism and identity politics
Spetember 1, 2018 | | Financial Times | by Mark Vandevelde.

Kwame Anthony Appiah’s ‘The Lies That Bind: Rethinking Identity’ is published by Profile, £14.99.
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