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The Wedding Bet - Anonymous - The Avengers (Marvel Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
(aka five times Bucky and Nat noticed Clint and Phil leaving weddings to have sex)
(aka the one where I marry off the marvel universe)

Bucky doesn't believe Natasha when she says that Clint and Phil will have sex after weddings. Natasha bets that they will.

Somehow, Bucky ends up escorting Natasha to all the weddings over the summer.
Avengers  Fanfiction  AU  Hurt/Comfort  Slash  GetTogether  Fluff  Clint/Coulson  Natasha/Bucky  Oneshot 
september 2018 by Dohwa
dreaming by theappleppielifestyle
31,135 words (series) | “S-soulmates aren’t supposed to share dreams until they’re teenagers.”

“Teenagers,” the boy repeats after a moment, like Tony had just spoken another language.

“We’re too young,” Tony tells him. “I’m- I’m only eight.”

“Me, too,” the boy says. His face keeps flickering from hope to something like fear. He takes an uncertain step forwards, but stops when Tony’s back becomes even more rigid. “I’m Steve Rogers.”

Tony opens his mouth but nothing comes out. He swallows, says, “I’m Tony.”

(nat/bucky) hello my old heart | Steve frowns. “Nat, what does this have to do with me?”

As Tony’s busy turning over every scrap of information she’d told him about her soulmate, Natasha takes a very small breath and says, “It’s James. Bucky.”
steve/tony  natasha/bucky  rating.pg13  30-50k  series  soulmates 
may 2018 by leahbeex
From You I Cannot Hide by SailorChibi
Being a sub isn’t the worst thing in the world. Being a sub who doesn’t like pain, well. That’s just weird. A sub’s sole responsibility in life is to be anything and everything a dom wants, an open canvas for a dom’s brush, malleable and sweet. Obie taught him that, and that fear ultimately tears him and Pepper apart. So Tony hides his dirty secret and doesn’t sub for anyone now. But that doesn’t stop him from wanting.
Fic  Avengers  Slash  Het  Steve/Tony  Natasha/Bucky  AU  BDSM  H/C  First_Time  WC:50K-100K  May2018 
may 2018 by paraka
Countdown - iL0Vsuperman - Multifandom [Archive of Our Own]
In a world where people use timer implants to help find their soulmates, you would think finding your soulmate and love would be easy.

Steve had a soul implant that was zeroed out, meaning he did not have a countdown to meet a soulmate. Steve easily reasoned he did not have a soulmate because he had bad genes, a common belief of his era. Despite this, he prayed for his implant to reset and to meet the person who would accept him for all he is.

Tony created a program for soulmates to find each other faster just so he could meet his soulmate before he turned 40. But, his soulmate never used the program, and it made Tony bitter and eventually begin to hate his mate.

Bucky had a zeroed out implant like Steve and, like Steve, prayed for his implant to reset. His prayers were answered, however, it was years later, when he was no longer his own person, when he was no longer Bucky, just, the Winter Soldier. He was not allowed to own anything, not even his own body, nonetheless a soulmate.

Natasha received the soul implant when she was indoctrinated into the Black Widow Program and, with it, was given her first mission to prove her loyalty: kill her soulmate.
marvel  avengers  mcu  Steve/Tony  Natasha/Bucky  first.time  iL0Vsuperman  au  au:mirror  soulmate!au  kidnapped  captured 
august 2017 by southerly
a case of you - irnan - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Spy-like, Natasha Romanov pokes her nose in places it probably doesn't belong, reads letters definitely not addressed to her, and attaches some distinctly odd sort-of-superstitions to other people's personal belongings. Meanwhile Bucky Barnes is a very charming sort of person, even when he's a little messed up.
fanfic  recs  NatashaRomanov  BuckyBarnes  Natasha/Bucky  het  pining  MCU 
april 2017 by meri_sefket
darling, hold my hand by irnan
Typical Steve, Natasha thought, torn between resentment and hilarity, not to want what was under his nose until someone made him think he wasn't allowed to have it. Twice over, no less!
fic  het  slash  mcu  captainamerica  steverogers  buckybarnes  natasha  steve/bucky/natasha  natasha/bucky 
march 2017 by yasaman
not the most honest means of travel by irnan
“She ran the red rooms,” Barnes said angrily. “She was Karpov’s right hand for god alone knows how long. If there’s anyone left in the world who might reasonably be expected to know every single trigger ever placed in my brain, it’s her. And you want me to walk out into a situation where –”

“She’s the only person left in the world who might reasonably be expected to know how to clean them out,” said Romanov.

Weirdly completely forgets about Sam (where is he????), but I enjoyed the effort to fold in 616 Natasha's backstory and the Buckynat, and thought Natasha's anger at Tony especially was well-characterized.
fic  het  mcu  avengers  captainamerica  natasha  buckybarnes  natasha/bucky  steverogers  clint  t'challa  tonystark 
february 2017 by yasaman
Coffee Grounds by kingaofthewoods
Barnes may grumble about Starbucks and remember the good old days of rationed brew in WWII bunkers, but he will never recall the taste of the ground bean coffee he shared with her in the Ukrainian safe house. In fact, Bucky Barnes will never remember anything to do with his missions for the Red Room, or Hydra.

The Winter Soldier has been permanently wiped from his mind.
fic  het  mcu  captainamerica  natasha  buckybarnes  natasha/bucky 
january 2017 by yasaman
Melted Down to Stars by blessedharlot
She shouldn’t stay. They shouldn’t say goodbye. She couldn’t bear it.

Or they should say goodbye… they should demand a better goodbye than they got before.

She was frozen in indecision.

She considered bolting for the door, right then. No explanation offered. Her just... gone. She deliberated it.

Nat realized then that he had backed away and turned his back to her. He stood there, busying himself with some small thing, and waiting. Her no-goodbye option had occurred to him too.

Not only had it occurred to him, he was offering it.

She deliberated.


Thawing out is a process, for everyone involved. Natasha and Bucky finally face the cold together.
fic  het  mcu  captainamerica  natasha  buckybarnes  natasha/bucky 
january 2017 by yasaman
a hopeless case; a perfect thing by tremontaine
Overcoming your Secret Relationship Issues (TM) in eight easy steps. Well, eight steps, anyway. Well, lots of sex and an argument.
fic  het  mcu  captainamerica  avengers  natasha  buckybarnes  natasha/bucky  steverogers 
december 2016 by yasaman
december 2016 by dd_again
You Were a Kindness When I Was a Stranger
Natasha thought the Winter Soldier was not her problem. Standing in front of the Bucky Barnes portion of the Smithsonian exhibit, she had to admit the Winter Soldier was at least a little bit her problem, if only because Steve was so thoroughly compromised when it came to him. She just wasn’t prepared for how very much the Winter Soldier was her problem too.
napricot  marvel  natasha/bucky 
september 2016 by japanimecrazed
gracefully on the chin by irnan
One of them always seems to end up breaking a bone or three. It's probably karma.
fic  het  mcu  captainamerica  natasha  buckybarnes  steverogers  natasha/bucky 
september 2016 by yasaman
In which Natasha and Bucky aren't as competitive as Steve thinks, and absolutely no one has a language kink. At all.
tremontaine  marvel  natasha/bucky 
june 2016 by japanimecrazed
glossolalia by tremontaine
In which Natasha and Bucky aren't as competitive as Steve thinks, and absolutely no one has a language kink. At all.
fic  het  mcu  captainamerica  natasha  buckybarnes  natasha/bucky 
june 2016 by yasaman
a thing we can't deny by tremontaine
“I don’t mean it would hold up in a court of law,” said Rosenthal. “But that’s the problem, isn’t it. We can’t easily prove the documents are inauthentic, and there are a quite a few interesting legal points surrounding, you know, the question of whether or not either of you were capable of consent in legal terms, or the conflict between the different civil statuses of the different legal identities of the same natural person in the case of amnesia and a declaration of death; obviously if the documents are authentic there’s a strong argument to be made here that Hydra was committing identity fraud, but basically, yeah, unless you want to take it to court and put your entire lives under scrutiny, you’re gonna have to put up with Buzzfeed telling everyone you’re married.”
fic  het  mcu  avengers  captainamerica  natasha  buckybarnes  natasha/bucky  steverogers  clint  wandamaximoff 
may 2016 by yasaman

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