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y tienen mucho que decir en relación a la proliferación de en la era del ¿Será el equi…
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june 2018 by oriolrius
Richard Nash and Emily Cook Unveil New Company
“The idea is to offer on-the-ground support for publishers who don’t have a U.S. office,” Nash said. Elaborating, Nash said Cursor would do tasks ranging from "attending sales conferences and book fairs" to "assisting with setting up book tours, soliciting media, [and] sending out ARCs and galleys." Summarizing, Nash said: "We do the legwork for our clients that they cannot do for themselves.”

The duo will also help publishers with pragmatic branding issues, such as choosing the best book cover for the U.S. market or crafting flap copy. “It’s all about streamlining their business here,” added Cook.
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july 2017 by sentinelle
P =? NP
In 1950, John Nash sent a remarkable letter to the National Security Agency, in which— seeking to build theoretical foundations for cryptography—he all but formulated what today
we call the P =? NP problem, considered one of the great open problems of science. Here I survey the status of this problem in 2016, for a broad audience of mathematicians, scientists, and engineers. I offer a personal perspective on what it’s about, why it’s important, why it’s reasonable to conjecture that P ̸= NP is both true and provable, why proving it is so hard, the landscape of related problems, and crucially, what progress has been made in the last half- century toward solving those problems. The discussion of progress includes diagonalization and circuit lower bounds; the relativization, algebrization, and natural proofs barriers; and the recent works of Ryan Williams and Ketan Mulmuley, which (in different ways) hint at a duality between impossibility proofs and algorithms.
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january 2017 by igbrown

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