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ASRock > J4205-ITX
final choice for backup … same ram as thinkpad t440s
nas  backup 
3 days ago by caillou
Using Time Machine to Back Up your Mac to a QNAP NAS via SMB
With the release of macOS Sierra, Time Machine can now use SMB in addition to AFP for backups. Your QNAP NAS is Mac-friendly and has full compatibility with Time Machine.This tutorial teaches you how to automatically back up photos, music files, videos, documents, settings and applications from your ...
nas  timemachine  backup 
7 days ago by egwillim
Security Advisory for Malware on QTS - Technical Advisory - QNAP
A recently reported malware is known to affect QNAP NAS devices. We are currently analyzing the malware and will provide the solution as soon as possible.

If you have any questions regarding this issue, please contact us through the QNAP Helpdesk.
NAS  security 
9 days ago by fbotha
Direct-connect NAS via ethernet? - Apple Community
piste de solution pour connecter NAS à Cortex via Ethernet
11 days ago by jflachap
Présentation de mon NAS DIY économique - Tech - Forum Geekzone
Je viens de terminer mon NAS fait maison. Je le poste ici si cela peut aider des personnes voulant ce faire un NAS maison.
Il me sert de media center, sauvegardes répliqué sur Mega, stockage des VM pour mes hyperviseurs…
2019  lang:fr  NAS  DIY 
11 days ago by dchesters

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