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ghosts in her heart - BombsAreForBabies - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
She had no idea what compelled her to do it, but she poked his forehead with her index and middle fingers.

"Do not be foolish, otouto."

(Sakura is the reincarnation of a future that she cannot let happen.)

+ this was weird. sakura is itachi from the future reborn as sakura. but itachi still exists in this timeline, so there's two itachis.
fic  gen  naruto  sakura-focused  timetravel  -50k 
34 minutes ago by exclamations
Building Bridges (Over Old Roads) by thatrandomnpc
Two years ago, Madara reached out to Hashirama when Izuna was mortally wounded. They met by the river where they once dreamed of peace with their little brothers in tow. Two years ago, Tobirama agreed to heal the wound he made at Hashirama's behest, and the beginnings of a treaty was born. One year ago, Konahagakure was founded on that treaty.

Madara's sight began to deteriorate long before that.

(Or Madara takes a calculated risk, and building a little bit of trust between former enemies goes...
Tobirama/Madara  Naruto  T  *unfinished  l:10000-30000  s:canon-divergence  t:enemies_to_lovers  t:illness/injury  AU  from instapaper
3 days ago by missmaverick
Schism - flailinginlove - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
A breakup and makeup in four parts.

+ new angsty kakashi/iruka. short, but it has a happy ending.
fic  iruka/kakashi  naruto  -5k 
8 days ago by exclamations
Peace in My Katra - BC_Brynn - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
The Uchiha Clan are the descendants of crash-landed Vulcans.

Two words: pon farr.

+ kinda fun, but doesn't really have an ending.
fic  naruto  startrek  fusion_au  sasuke/naruto  itachi/kisame  obito/kakashi  -10k 
12 days ago by exclamations
Beauty+Stupid - Laylah - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
He moves like a damn dancer. Kisame wonders how many people have lost fights with the Uchiha because all that pretty made them stupid.

+ fisting.
fic  itachi/kisame  naruto  porn  kink 
12 days ago by exclamations
Time Flies Like An Arrow - Katlou303 - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Sakura traveled back in time with the intent of changing everything, but something went wrong, and now she's four years old having nightmares about impossible monsters and losing friends she has yet to meet.

+ sakura is 4 years old for the entire 240k of this fic. i'm not sure why i do this to myself sometimes. i don't even like kid fic.
fic  gen  naruto  sakura-focused  kidfic  -200k 
12 days ago by exclamations
Soft as an Unready Mind - BC_Brynn - Naruto [Archive of Our Own]
Inoichi’s decision to adopt the boy was a spur of the moment thing, but he stood by it, and he could not be prouder of both his children, even if they lived to give him grey hair.

Or, how a Yamanaka-trained Naruto went and cheerfully dismantled the last shreds of Sasuke’s self-image because conventional therapy obviously wasn’t working well enough, and then proved that even the best minds could be entirely dumb when it came to romance.

This story has no aspirations of seriousness. It’s a romantic comedy with ninja (i. e. assorted mindfuck and violence). It was meant to be a cute three-chapter little thing, and at this point it’s 100K and I’m done. It’s completed. I see the huge gaping holes in it, but I’m going to go back to working on TYN and maybe some original stuff, and this terrible, horrible idea is finished. I’m not writing any more of it.

The characters are all intractable arseholes and refuse to do what I tell them to.

I initially intended to write a Naruto/Shino story, because there’s not enough of that pairing, but a four-year-old Shikamaru imprinted and you know geniuses, you tell them they can’t have something and they find a way to get it anyway. And then an obligatory angsty Kakashi walked through, clocked Iruka, and that was that. Whyyy? This was not supposed to have any KakaIru in it… ugh, needless to say, yet another genius got what he wanted.

Weirdly, I kinda really like most of the characterisations here.

Also, as stated somewhere in TYN, I can’t write kids. Well, I can’t write authentic kids. But they’re still funny and maybe a little cute, so enjoy the blatant lack of realism.

+ readable.
fic  naruto  kidfic  fluff  bamf!character  -100+k 
13 days ago by exclamations
The Soul Mate Phenomenon (is ruining my life)
Sakura learns why so many ninja hope never to have a soul mate.
fic  naruto  gen  wip  tozette 
14 days ago by audiopilot
The Anatomy of Need by fahye
It's a mess of a story, implausible; if it were a book then Kabuto would abandon it, but it's life, so it just continues, without any need to defend the likelihood of its own existence.
17 days ago by missfox
Life in Nine Parts by anamariewrites
Kakashi aged like a fine wine; growing better and sweeter and stronger, leaving a lingering aftertaste wherever he went..." Nine snapshots of Kakashi's life told through nine different prompts.
naruto  kakashi.hatake 
17 days ago by missfox
In a Definite Place at a Definite Time - Pepperdoken, VagabondDawn, wafflelate - Dreaming of Sunshine - Silver Queen
In terms of Team Seven mission disasters, being stranded in the Warring Clans Era is… probably in the top five. Maybe even the top three. But still, even if it takes a while, Sasuke and Shikako will find their way home. In the meantime, they just have to keep their heads down and avoid the Uchiha–Senju conflict until it’s time to get back to where they belong. Not hard at all. (12,849 words so far)
naruto  au  wafflelate 
17 days ago by theodosia21
A Bridge to Span the Tide - wafflelate - Dreaming of Sunshine - Silver Queen
When Kakashi stops by ANBU HQ to check up on his students, Tenzō and Kakashi have a chance to work some things out. (6,730 words)
naruto  wafflelate  oneshot 
17 days ago by theodosia21
Your Own Bold Approach - wafflelate - Dreaming of Sunshine - Silver Queen
When she’d joined ANBU, Crow-taichō had said to her, very seriously, “On Circle Team, we do things by the book.” But it’s been awhile since then, and Groundhog still isn’t sure exactly which playbook Circle Team is actually using. (5,863 words)
naruto  wafflelate  oneshot 
17 days ago by theodosia21
from the desk - wafflelate - Dreaming of Sunshine - Silver Queen
Uzume gets a little help from an unlikely place. (2,322 words)
naruto  wafflelate  oneshot  au 
17 days ago by theodosia21
Invitations - wafflelate - Dreaming of Sunshine - Silver Queen
The invitation is the same; Kakashi is what's changed. (1,638 words)
naruto  wafflelate  oneshot 
17 days ago by theodosia21
the sky of the sky of a tree called life - VagabondDawn - Dreaming of Sunshine - Silver Queen
Watch!verse. It’s Shikako Nara’s one year anniversary of working for the Konoha Military Police. Shisui just wants to give her a present, okay? // Notes: Inspired by watch not one another out of fear by wafflelate. (2,257 words)
naruto  au  oneshot 
17 days ago by theodosia21

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