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Netflix Is Planning a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure ‘Black Mirror’ - Bloomberg
“The time is right for interactive TV to become a mainstream experience,” said Jim Spare, the chief operating officer of Eko, a company that produces interactive shows.

Haha. We’ll see.
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2 hours ago by lorenzowood
[Easy Chair] | The Wizard of Q, by Walter Kirn | Harper's Magazine
He’d discovered a principle of online storytelling that had eluded me all those years ago but now seemed obvious: The audience for internet narratives doesn’t want to read, it wants to write. It doesn’t want answers provided, it wants to search for them. It doesn’t want to sit and be amused, it wants to be sent on a mission. It wants to do.
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yesterday by twwoodward
"In this lecture performance Grada Kilomba explores forms of Decolonizing Knowledge using printed work, writing exercises, performative narrative, and visual art, as forms of alternative knowledge production. Kilomba raises questions concerning the concepts of knowledge, race and gender: “What is acknowledged as knowledge? Whose knowledge is this? Who is acknowledged to produce knowledge?” This project exposes not only the violence of classic knowledge production, but also how this violence is performed in academic, cultural and artistic spaces, which determine both who can speak and what we can speak about.To touch this colonial wound, she creates a hybrid space where the boundaries between the academic and the artistic languages confine, transforming the configurations of knowledge and power. Using a collage of her literary and visual work, Grada Kilomba initiates a dialogue of multiple narratives who speak, interrupt, and appropriate the ‘normal’ and continuous coloniality in which we reside. The audience is invited to participate, and to re-imagine the concept of knowledge anew, by opening new spaces for decolonial thinking."

[See also: ]
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yesterday by robertogreco
Why the Financial Times used drama to help audiences understand the impact of Brexit on the Irish border | Video
Riddell explained that they aimed to develop a script that both felt theatrical and dramatic, but clearly born from a newsroom.
"We wanted to express this feeling of the border being both there and not there – of it being hugely important but not a physical barrier, which was central to the idea," she said, noting that many people found the piece spoke for them.
"The creative arts communicate a truth – they articulate a way that you might feel but haven't found the words for yourself."
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3 days ago by paulbradshaw
Rolltop Indigo: The Big List of RPG Plots
my collection of RPG plots, in abstract form. I built this by examining the premises of hundreds of published adventures for all systems (including those systems dear and departed from print), trying to boil them down to common denominators. The results are presented here: arbitrary, and sometimes redundant. Nevertheless, I turn to this list when I'm stuck for a fresh premise for next week's session of my campaign, whatever that campaign might happen to be about at the time. It helps me keep from falling into thematic ruts (my least favorite kind). With any luck, it might serve a similar function for you.
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3 days ago by basemaly
Slaying the Climate Dragon - Scientific American Blog Network
But here is another ending. It’s not a happy one. No one slays the dragon, not even by half. It rises up, more powerful than even the wisest woman had predicted. Villages burn; the land is alternately parched and flooded. Fairies go extinct in the wild. But the kingdom does not retreat. Heroes challenge the dragon, repeatedly. When they fall, others rise to take their place. They know their quest is a doomed one; they set out nevertheless. They did not all live happily ever after. But they lived. And, most importantly, they had something to live for.
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6 days ago by betajames
Kommentti: Urheilu on välinpitämätön ilmastoterroristi – korruptoituneet elostelijat pyörittävät ympäristöorgioita - Muut lajit - Ilta-Sanomat
Urheilu on salakavala ympäristöterroristi, jonka pitäisi pystyä nykyistä vastuullisempaan toimintaan, kirjoittaa urheilutoimituksen esimies Vesa Rantanen.
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9 days ago by pelttari
Mitä Suomen pitäisi tehdä taistelussa ilmaston­muutosta vastaan? HS esitti neljä kysymystä kaikille eduskunta­puolueille, näin ne vastasivat - Politiikka |
Edessä on isoja päätöksiä, jos maapallon kuumeneminen halutaan pitää ollenkaan aisoissa. Puolueiden johdossa moni myöntää, että vastuu on nyt ensisijaisesti poliitikoilla
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10 days ago by pelttari
A philosopher explains how our addiction to stories keeps us from understanding history - The Verge
"But when you start to generalize and apply theory of mind across time and the environmental space, it begins to be so crude and so imprecise that it becomes useless as a tool for controlling and collaborating with other people. But we’re still stuck with it as an explanation because it satisfies our curiosity. "
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11 days ago by pagecarr

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