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Do I really have to cite an arXiv paper?
A large number of seminal works have never been published. The greatest mathematics paper of our lifetimes remains unpublished. Not every paper on the arXiv warrants a bibliographic entry, but many do. The idea that unpublished status would categorically exclude the responsibility of citation is a bit preposterous. It puts far too much faith in the deeply flawed fraternity of conference organizers and the overworked cohort of peer reviewers, roughly 30% of whom typically fail to even comprehend the basic outline of the paper.

If similar work comes to our attention during a proper literature review, we ought to cite it. If we knowingly build on someone else’s work we should cite it. If someone shares a non-obvious idea with us that develops into a paper, we should find some way to credit them. If someone writes a theory down on a napkin shortly before dying and it turns out to open a new subfield of machine learning to scientific inquiry, we should convert the napkin to a pdf, upload it to arXiv, and then cite it.

We should not have to cite nonsense.
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august 2017 by zzkt
Do you use paper towels as napkins at the dinner table? You are not alone. - The Washington Post
The use of paper napkins has been declining for 20 years. According to Georgia-Pacific statistics, six out of 10 households purchased paper napkins on a regular basis 15 years ago; today it’s slightly more than four out of 10. Nirenberg says that one of the major reasons is that millennials, who are into simplifying their lives, are using paper towels for many purposes, and leaving napkins off the list because “it’s one less thing to buy.”

“Millennials eat more on the go, they eat more meals away from home and less around a table.” he says. And if they’re eating at the kitchen island, there’s usually a paper towel roll at the ready.

“We are trying to figure out how to develop napkin holders that appeal to a younger generation,” he says. “If you put them in a holder, you are more likely to grab them.”
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september 2016 by stoweboyd
Eco-friendly napkins
march 2013 by jasonfist

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