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NaNoWriMo side effects · Issue #37 · NaNoGenMo/2018
My #NaNoGenMo entry this year will be a by-product of my #NaNoWriMo attempt
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15 days ago by mikelynch
New data set of people recording and narrating their kitchen behaviors! Extremely good potential!!…
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april 2018 by motdiem
Generating fantasy maps
These are some notes on how I generate the maps for my Twitter bot @unchartedatlas, which is based on a generator I originally produced during NaNoGenMo 2015.
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march 2018 by rasagy
It's late, but I've completed my 2017 project, a children's book. If you are interested in such things,…
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december 2017 by _1134
For 17 I wrote a program which wrote Formations, a nightmare or fever-dream of abstract descriptions. He…
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december 2017 by mikelynch
RT : I made a live demo for my project, especially good for making your laptop overheat:…
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december 2017 by benny
I’ve added a few notes to the README for my for 2017, Formations, a parody of descriptive writing built…
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december 2017 by mikelynch
One day I’ll realise that NaNoWriMo is probably not much more work than but here’s my 2017 effort, Forma…
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november 2017 by mikelynch
formations/ at master · spikelynch/formations · GitHub
My #NaNoGenMo entry, Formations, is almost there

— (@bombinans) November 30, 2017
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november 2017 by mikelynch
kevandotorg/nanogenmo-2017: Tillman, Victor Lima, KOD
"The Merchant of Venice, through the 1897 Robinson Telegraphic Cipher [...] The Tempest, through the International Code of Maritime Signals, 1969 [...] Romeo and Juliet, through a list of Internet acronyms from Ed's Web Site, a 2008 Geocities page."
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november 2017 by kevan
"For National Novel Generation Month, a superposition of ten translations of a book of the Bible: "

"On refresh, each sentence of the supertranslation is drawn randomly from one of ten translations of Ecclesiastes. It's very likely that no two people will read the same book!

Put differently, this book is sampled from a distribution over possible understandings of Ecclesiastes, like a more random Septuagint.

The code and corpus can be found here:
h/t @tinysubversions for starting NaNoGenMo!"

[from :

"The new revised international KJV-ASV-DRB-DBT-ERV-WBT-WEB-YET-AKJV-WNT version of Ecclesiastes.

Each sentence in this translation of Ecclesiastes is drawn uniformly at random from one of ten translations of the Bible on every refresh. Study the text. Learn it. Love it. Live it. Refresh the page and you'll never see it again.

Put slightly differently: this book is sampled from the distributions of possible understandings of Ecclesiastes, like a more systematic Septuagint. You haven't really understood the text until you've studied the nuances of each of its variations.

Made for National Novel Generation Month 2017, Ecclesiastes (KJV-ASV-DRB-DBT-ERV-WBT-WEB-YET-AKJV-WNT) runs to 10k words per translation, but as it draws its strength by consuming ten (slightly) different translations of the Bible, the hyperobject weighs in at well above the threshold of 50k.

Much thanks to the King James Bible, American Standard Version, Douay-Rheims Bible, Darby Bible Translation, English Revised Version, Webster Bible Translation, World English Bible, Young's Literal Translation, American KJV, and Weymouth New Testament.

Different translations are optimized for different qualities, such as "thought-for-thought" or "word-for-word." Here are three comparisons (1, 2, 3) and a page on the Douay-Rheims Bible.

I'd be curious to see a quantitative study on the qualities of the translations, such as where the mean words lie in an embedding space."]
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november 2017 by robertogreco
I did something like this for my project. Chopped up a movie corpus, then did a lot of ent…
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november 2017 by aparrish

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