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Good news this morning - don't mind if I do!
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5 weeks ago by whykay
Announcing scholarship program with Google! Now 1000 applicants will get access to fully funded !
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november 2017 by rukku
Edtech Intelligence #18 – Chris Fellingham’s Roundup on What’s Happening — Class Central
In a similar vein, Zuckerberg-Chan is making a huge push for Personalised Learning (a form of learning analytics that judges the strengths and weaknesses of a learner and then alters what and how they learn accordingly) to become the norm in education systems. The foundation has significant political clout, it is being led by former Deputy Secretary of Education James Shelton and has the huge wealth of the Zuckerberg’s behind it. Critics such as Larry Cuban at Stanford University Graduate School of Education have noted that if the Zuckerberg-Chan really wanted to really advance Personalised Learning they could open source their products – to allow others to experiment – something they have ruled out at present
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july 2017 by MicrowebOrg
Udacity Says It Can Teach Tech Skills to Millions, and Fast - The New York Times
Now Udacity, a four-year-old online teaching start-up, believes that after years of trial and error, it has hit on a model of vocational training that can be scaled up to teach millions of people technical skills. Udacity’s founder, Sebastian Thrun, a specialist in artificial intelligence at Stanford University who once ran Google X, the search company’s advanced projects division, said that the “nanodegree” program that the firm created last year will result in vastly lower education costs and wider accessibility. Early data suggests the program is efficient and reliably results in new jobs — including for Ms. Marchisio, who began working as a software developer at Google after taking Udacity’s “full-stack developer” course this spring.

The nanodegree works like this: Last year, Udacity partnered with technology companies to create online courses geared toward teaching a set of discrete, highly prized technical skills — including mobile programming, data analysis and web development. Students who complete these courses are awarded the nanodegree, a credential that Udacity has worked with Google, AT&T and other companies to turn into a new form of workplace certification.

I spoke to several students who described Udacity as life-changing. One was Dan Haddigan, 28, who graduated from art school with a degree in printmaking and worked for several years at an art gallery in Philadelphia. Last year, he contemplated going back to graduate school for art but heard about Udacity and decided coding was more practical. The nanodegree was challenging. For several months, he said, “I would wake up, work on projects for Udacity, go to work at the gallery, come home, then try to get more work on my projects.” The course — in web development — took about five months, costing him $500. But Mr. Haddigan said the work proved rewarding. After finishing his degree, he found a listing for a job at IntuitSolutions, a web development agency.
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june 2017 by MicrowebOrg
Forum Directory: Swift for Developers - iOSND Swift for Developers - Udacity Discussion Forum
Welcome to the iOS Nanodegree program! Here is a list of all of the discussion categories we've created for the respective parts of the course. Have look around!

iOSND Broadcast
iOSND Café
iOSND Technical Roadblocks
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march 2017 by lgtout
Quick Guide to the Discussion Forum for Swift Developers - iOSND Swift for Developers - Udacity Discussion Forum
There are a few tips and tricks to using the Discussion Forum!

How to Ask a Question

It's easy to click on "New Topic," type something up, and submit it, but, sometimes, it's not easy to ask a question in a way that a…
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march 2017 by lgtout

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