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charlesnicholson/nanoprintf: A tiny embeddable printf replacement written in C89/C99.
A tiny embeddable printf replacement written in C89/C99. - charlesnicholson/nanoprintf
nano  printf  sprintf  nanoprintf  embedded  arm  snprintf  vsnprintf 
6 weeks ago by Nutter at master · Seeed-Studio/
Python library for Seeedstudio Grove devices . Contribute to Seeed-Studio/ development by creating an account on GitHub.
nvidia  jetson  nano  python  library  deep-learning 
9 weeks ago by nharbour
FORSKNING: Ny og ufarlig elektronisk komponent kan erstatte kvikksølv -
Ultrafiolett lys brukes for å drepe bakterier og virus, men lampene inneholder giftig kvikksølv. Det skal det bli slutt på.
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12 weeks ago by erikwb

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