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june 2018 by greys
mrimann/check_dnssec_expiry: Icinga / Nagios plugin to validate DNSSEC validity of a DNS zone.
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may 2018 by geetarista
linux - nagios nrpe check_procs wrong return value - Server Fault
I think it's a bug in check_procs: it seems to pick up itself when running from nrpe, as opposed to the command line. Maybe a race condition of some sort.

I see you're running Ubuntu, given your command prompt. With the check_procs available on Lucid, I'm able to do something like:

/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_procs --ereg-argument-array="[s]tring" -w 1:1
So, we'll do a pattern match on the argument list, but in such a way that the check_procs process won't be matched. Putting one character of the pattern into square brackets causes the expression to match on "string" but it obviously won't match on the check_procs argument "[s]tring".
april 2018 by marshyon

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