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George Nader Charged With Trafficking Child Pornography – Rolling Stone
George Nader, a Middle East fixer who advised the crown prince of the United Arab Emirates and whose connections to Trump drew the attention of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, was apprehended on Monday and indicted on federal child pornography charges. According to federal prosecutors, he was arrested upon landing at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York and charged with “transporting visual depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct.”
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10 weeks ago by yorksranter
Ralph Nader: We Know Exactly Who Gave Us Trump
Trump has always known how to use power to get more power. He went after his opponents with harsh nicknames, repeated verbatim by a supine press. The name calling stuck and influenced voters. Democrats did not reciprocate with nicknames like “cheating Donald,” “corrupt Donald,” “Dangerous Donald,” etc.
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12 weeks ago by jstenner
Trump Corruption Scandals Begin To Revolve Around His Inauguration – Talking Points Memo
Broidy played a key – and public – role at the inauguration, which ended up taking in $107 million, more than double Obama’s $53 million record in 2009.

At the inauguration, Broidy reportedly met Middle Eastern fixer and convicted pedophile George Nader
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december 2018 by yorksranter
Ralph Nader On What He Thinks Apple Should Do With Its Excess Billions (NPR)
We once worked for Mr. Nader, and once worked for Apple Retail before that (and hold a few measly shares). While we can quibble with some of his suggestions, based on our own outside-in speculation, we particularly agree with one sentiment: So much profit on the backs of labor not making a living wage is a moral and ethical rotten spot. Does it go to the core?
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august 2018 by mjb
Ralph Nader Was Indispensable To The Republican Party | HuffPost
In fact, Harry G. Levine, in his “Ralph Nader as Mad Bomber,” reported a personal incident, when, “I was introduced to Tarek Milleron, Ralph Nader’s nephew, the single person closest to him in the whole campaign.” Levine told Milleron, “‘If Gore lost, Nader would have substantial credibility and power within the Democratic party. By holding back in a handful of states now, he could demonstrate his capacity to cause real damage in the future, and gain much in the short and the long run.’ Tarek did not disagree with that at all. Instead, leaning toward me, with a bit of extra steel in his voice and body, but without changing his cool tone and demeanor, he simply said: ‘We are not going to do that.’ ‘Why not?’ I said. With just a flicker of smile, Tarek said: ‘Because we want to punish the Democrats, we want to hurt them, wound them.’” Levine went on: “In Tarek’s unforgettable phrase, Ralph Nader wanted to hurt, wound and punish the Democrats. This was much more than indifference. Nader was not simply opposed to helping the Democrats, he actually wanted Gore to lose. ... But his supporters were not being told this.”
july 2018 by wolfreporter

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