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Vladimir Nabokov’s Unpublished ‘Lolita’ Screenplay Notes - VICE
See six pages of Nabokov’s original Lolita screenplay with his handwritten notes.
scripts  writing  annotation  nabokov 
december 2018 by katexic
Hot-dog stands and poetry
A Proustian passage from Nabokov.
Nabokov  Proust 
october 2018 by M.Leddy
Beginning King Lear
I was about to teach the first class after a long break. I’d given the students no assignment. So we were going to begin King Lear by reading the play aloud in class. Did the students know that was coming? I don’t think so.
dreams  Nabokov  Shakespeare  teaching 
august 2018 by M.Leddy
Nabokov, dreaming
There is no getting away from grading, not even in dreams, or especially not in dreams.
dreams  Nabokov 
july 2018 by M.Leddy
Matt Levine Live at Bloomberg HQ (Ep. 34) – Conversations with Tyler – Medium
Matt Levine talks with Tyler Cowen about cryptocurrencies, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Nabakov, New York, Uber, financial regulation, banks, and more.
podcasts  career  nabokov 
march 2018 by elrob
Bernard Guilbert Guerney reviews Nikolai Gogol by Vladimir Nabokov | New Republic
Nikolai Gogol
By Vladimir Nabokov
Norfolk, Conn: New Directions. 172 pages. $1.50.
One fairly accurate cardiogram of just how violently the Anglo-American heart palpitates over one of Russia's supreme geniuses is furnished by the Britannica (fourteenth edition), GOGOL, NIKOLAI VASSILIEVICH, rates one column and a grudging third, a bibliography of four lines listing as many items (only one in En...
gogol  nabokov 
february 2018 by lw7360
Ad Litteram
"For ancient and medieval exegetes, however, the very question of whether the events recounted in the text had ever actually happened was largely a matter of indifference for how to go about reading the text literally—or, more precisely, reading it ad litteram: that is, with an exactingly scrupulous attention to what was written on the page, in every detail, and with every discernible shade of significance. For them the difference between the literal and the allegorical was simply the difference between what was there to be seen and what was given to be discovered. And their somewhat insouciant attitude to the question of “fact” can prove terribly confusing to modern readers who do not share their presuppositions."
DBH  allegory  exegesis  Nabokov 
august 2017 by mgubbins
Wipe it Clean – the Metaphysics of Surface in the Twentieth Century Russian Novel - 3:AM Magazine
Revolutions – if they are to have any effect at all – must take place at surface-level. Their process is semiotic – a rapid series of corrections, erasures, scorings, amendments, deletions, paintjobs, whitewashings: all with the intended aim of overwriting what came before.
literature  russia  m  nabokov 
june 2017 by zm
Nabokov's Recommendations - Wm Jas
mystical didacticism seriously. At his worst, as in his Ukrainian stuff, he is a worthless writer; at his best, he is incomparable and inimitable. Loathe his moralistic slant, am depressed and puzzled by his inability to describe young women, deplore his obsession with religion.
reading  writing  writers  nabokov  books 
april 2017 by lw7360
The Millions : The Man Behind the Masks: On Nabokov's Forewords - The Millions
Imagine a man introducing himself to you, repeatedly. The man is a novelist, and he tells you that he is going to fill you in about his novels. This he does, in part — but he also frequently digresses, informing you about some particular of lepidoptery — the collecting and studying of butterflies — or else waxes lyrical about the game of chess.
nabokov  literature 
march 2017 by zm
Wednesday is Indigo Blue – Afterword - Richard E. Cytowic
My father has on occasion written of chromosthesia in the more limited realm, familiar to him, of what he called colored hearing or colored vision, as elicited by letters of the alphabet. An early recollection of his concerns a set of building blocks he received as a gift from his mother – the kind that has a letter of the alphabet on every facet. “But the colors are all wrong!” he immediately complained after unwrapping the gift, because they did not
correspond to the colors associated in his mind with the depicted letters.
synaesthesia  chromsthesia  colored-hearing  nabokov  richard-cytowic 
march 2017 by vielmetti

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