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Period syncing myth debunked | FIGO
“Menstrual cycles do not actually sync up between women who spend a lot of time together, new research has found.”
syncing  myths  periods  menstruation  2019  science 
9 days ago by handcoding
3 Myths About Stacking Firewood Harford County Homeowners Should Ignore
If you have run low on firewood after a bitterly cold winter, then the time has come to order some more.
firewood  myths  harford-county 
21 days ago by Adventure_Web
Don’t Blame the Tool – UX of User Onboarding
A/B testing is not a panacea, but it is fantastic at what it’s supposed to do. Some people have provided very valid criticisms about particular parts of it, but I fear that some of the poorer…
ux  a/b_testing  ui  design  metrics  objectives  myths  reference 
21 days ago by vloux

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