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How Do the Heroes in Mass Effect Compare to Voltaire, Austen and Kubrick?
In a 2012 experiment at Stanford’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab (VHIL), associate professor Jeremy Bailenson, clinical psychologist Robin Rosenberg, and then-student Shawnee Baughman studied whether people who inhabit a virtual superhero would actually be more altruistic in real-life. They studied the behavior of participants in a virtual city evacuated due to an earthquake. Two groups were given the power of flight, while two other groups were passengers in a helicopter; one of each group was asked to find a lost diabetic child wandering the city who needed their insulin, while the other spent the time leisurely touring the environment. What the team focused on was what happened next: After their time in VR, a real-life helper “accidently” spilled a cup of pens off a table. A camera recorded the participants’ reaction. In each case, the person given super-powers in VR was more helpful than those who had been passengers in the copter, regardless of their goal. “The superheroes were faster to help and more thorough,” Baughman told me over the phone. Efficient pen-collection is not your standard superhero power, but the result points to a kind of absorption of heroic tendencies following active engagement in a virtual environment. Baughman, now the senior operations associate at STRIVR Labs, and the former director of operation at the VHIL, explains that “people tend to respond to these [virtual] environments the same way they would respond in real life. That’s one of the biggest features of VR that we’ve found that’s different from reading a book or watching a movie.”
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2 hours ago by basemaly
How We Make Gods - Issue 10: Mergers & Acquisitions - Nautilus
Neighbors can create the ineffable threads of a good society, a point made in the book The Great Good Place, by sociologist Roy Oldenburg. He argues that for this to happen, a culture needs a place for people to meet informally. He calls this a “third place.” It isn’t one of practical functions, like a courthouse or an office building. Instead, it encourages the alchemy that happens in unstructured “hanging out.” In the past, that’s happened in the agora of ancient Greece, or in the cafés of Enlightenment-era France. Chat is common in a third place; so are games.
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2 hours ago by basemaly
Flammarion engraving - Wikipedia
A traveller puts his head under the edge of the firmament in the original (1888) printing of the Flammarion engraving.
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7 days ago by nhaliday
The "True" Human Diet - Scientific American Blog Network
Points out that the idea that paleolithic man didn't eat grains is a myth and that there was no "paleolithic diet"
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10 days ago by csrollyson
The world's great nations are revisiting the moon. But where's Europe? | New Scientist Dec 2019
"Since the beginning of the Soviet state, space travel has been associated with utopianism, exemplified by 19th-century visionary Nikolai Fedorov and his colleague Konstantin Tsiolkovsky."

"For the US, going to the moon was all about rugged, pragmatic individualism; for the Soviets, it was a parable for their communal social philosophy. This enactment of national myth is apparent in the Chinese moon programme. Chang’e is the name of a goddess who flew to the moon after she drank an elixir of immortality to stop her husband’s enemy from stealing it: a story of heroic and dutiful self-sacrifice that underlies China’s Moon Festival in the autumn. ... more recently the government has revived legends and historical figures such as Confucius to mobilise nationalist sentiment."

** Not clear to me how this is "enactment of national myth" - unless one defines myth as Merriam Webster
"2 a : a popular belief or tradition that has grown up around something or someone especially : one embodying the ideals and institutions of a society or segment of society"
NewScientist  space  utopianism  myth 
13 days ago by pierredv
SPOILERS - Kylo Ren is just not Redeemable : starwarsspeculation
Kylo is definitely going to suffer if there’s a redemptive arc, and it makes sense because this will actually “complete what his grandfather started”.
storytelling  film  movies  myth 
20 days ago by cmananian
30 Days of Screenplays, Day 30: “Michael Clayton” – Go Into The Story
Great breakdown of story structure and character development.

"The Separation from the Ordinary World into the Extraordinary World is when Arthur loses his shit and starts taking off his close at the deposition. This forces Michael to — literally — go on a journey to try to placate the company’s legal clients.

The transition from Initiation to Return happens when Arthur is assassinated, causing Michael to rethink his existence, eventually leading to his decision re Karen.

Those Big Three movements, what we may call Three Act Structure, is fundamental stuff and critical to almost every single movie that comes down the pike."


"This is a character in a deep state of disunity at the beginning:

He's a fixer who can't fix himself.

He's a lawyer who isn't practicing law.

He makes a lot of money but owes more than he has.

He's lost virtually any connection he once had to humanity... he's adrift and heading toward destruction.

I like to ask this question of protagonist figures: Why does THIS story HAVE to happen to THIS character at THIS time?"
psychology  storytelling  film  movies  myth 
20 days ago by cmananian
The surprisingly real psychology that lead to Rey and Ben Solo joining briefly : StarWars
There are 4 key aspects to understanding the psychology of the Rey and Ben Solo relationship.

-Known issues and risk factors following abandonment.
-Common manipulation techniques as employed by Ben Solo to lure her to the Dark Side.
-Co-dependency being a common phenomenon among children who were abandoned or saw their parents with addictions issues.
-Jungian philosophy related to denial, the shadow and the meeting of Light and Dark and balance.
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21 days ago by cmananian
RT : of the day: " sucks on and graphics will never work" :-)
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4 weeks ago by mpasternacki

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