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X-Men: Black - Mystique (2018) #1 - Marvel Comics
THAT'S SO RAVEN! What's a day in the life for Raven Darkholme, A.K.A. Mystique? Brutal kills, revenge-fueled chills, seductive thrills...and that's all before breakfast! Award-winning author Seanan McGuire (X-MEN GOLD ANNUAL #2) and rising star Marco Failla take Marvel's multifaceted mutant murderess for a spin! PLUS: Part 3 of X-MEN BLACK: APOCALYPSE!
Marvel  comic  Mystique  SeananMcGuire 
october 2018 by realjimbob
Want To Know What Your Brain Does When It Hears A Question? | Fast Company
You can also use questions to gain an edge on a job interview. But don’t stick to the typical inquiries. Research out of Harvard University suggests that you should ask the types of questions that get an interviewer to offer an opinion, not just supply information. When scientists used functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), they found that questions that asked participants to disclose their opinions increased neural activity in the areas of the brain associated with reward and pleasure.
psychology  mystique  job  interview 
march 2017 by braziljosh
Stories — cosplay in america
RT : Finally discover who cosplayer is and did a quick interview with her : (pho…
Mystique  NYCC  from twitter_favs
october 2016 by colinaut
RT : Finally discover who cosplayer is and did a quick interview with her : (pho…
Mystique  NYCC  from twitter_favs
october 2016 by colinaut
How fascination is a brand’s trump card - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Jun. 19, 2016

She boils it down to seven forms in her book Fascinate and an online diagnostic tool:

Innovation: Such brands revolve around the language of creativity. She lists five adjectives that indicate how to make that advantage come alive: forward-thinking, entrepreneurial, bold, surprising, and visionary. Virgin and Apple are exemplars. Innovation brands open our eyes to new possibilities and change expectations. They invent surprising solutions; they do the opposite of what is expected.

Passion: This is about relationships – building a strong tie between the brand and users. Key adjectives: expressive, optimistic, sensory, warm, and social.

Power: This brand trait speaks of confidence. Key adjectives: assertive, goal-oriented, decisive, purposeful, and opinionated. The Tesla she and her husband recently bought is a power brand – not afraid to have opinions and lead the way. Beyoncé is also a power brand. Power brands need not be overpowering; they can guide gently, even lovingly. But they are confident, pursuing specific goals.

Prestige: This is about excellence. Key adjectives: ambitious, results-oriented, respected, established, and concentrated. It’s a mark of excellence such as Chanel or Louis Vuitton. People shell our big bucks for the prestige of Channel sunglasses, she notes, while Louis Vuitton maintains its standards by shredding unsold bags so they don’t end up sold at discount somewhere. She points to Brooks Brothers and Calvin Klein losing their prestige status as they opt for stores in malls.

Trust: This brand trait expresses the language of stability. Key adjectives: stable, dependable, familiar, comforting, predictable. I

Mystique: this is the language of listening, saying “Mystique reveals less than expected. It provokes questions. These brands know when to talk, and when to be quiet.” Key adjectives: observant, calculated, private, curiosity-provoking, and substantive (e.g. KFC’s 11 secret herbs and spices play to this sense of mystery).

Alert: This is the language of details. Key adjectives: organized, detailed, efficient, precise and methodical. ... Public-health campaigns are alert brands.

To use her shortcut, you need to identify the prime advantage you hold for prospects and customers.
brands  branding  hacks  Harvey_Schachter  fascination  prestige  mystique  trustworthiness  innovation  books  political_power  forward-thinking 
june 2016 by jerryking
The Winter of Banked Fires by Yahtzee
"Charles Xavier has returned from the dead -- but is lost within his own mind. Rogue has cast aside her own power and doesn't know where she fits in the world any longer. The production of synthetic Cure means mutantkind itself is newly at risk. And Magneto, turned human against his will, is in despair until the day he feels a familiar consciousness tugging at his own -- Set after X-3 (with much desperate fix-it applied), during XMFC, and every time in between." Literal Canadian-shack fix-it! Most of the staff and students of Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters flee north, under threat from a small but dangerous vigilante group demanding that Mutants submit to the cure, and they're joined there by some unexpected allies. The action was awesome, so many great details and ideas, so many great characters in all levels of development, and Charles and Erik through the years were beautifully described.
x-men  au  charles/erik  rogue/wolverine  flangst  mystique  hothothot 
april 2016 by punkheid
I Ain't Scared of Lightning by kaydeefalls
"Canon!AU. "Shaw has someone very dear to me," Charles said in a low tone. "You're not the only one playing for keeps, Erik."" Ooohhh, I wish there were another ten chapters of this! Epic version of canon where Charles left his studies behind because Raven suddenly disappeared, and has been gathering and training mutants during his search for her for years before he meets Erik on the boat.
x-men  au  charles/erik  mystique  ust 
april 2016 by punkheid
Trigger Discipline by kaydeefalls
Ohhh, this is wonderful. Raven learns how to fire a gun, and also how not to - a fantastic character study, darting about in time with snapshots from her childhood, the Oxford days, the mansion, post-beach (canon-divergent). Her emotions seem spot-on - frustration, anger, uncertainty, shame, hatred, love, hope, determination. The fact that one of its tags is 'Bechdel test pass' is AWESOME. Background Charles/Erik.
x-men  mystique  charles/erik 
april 2016 by punkheid
Human by kaydeefalls
This was powerful! 'Are we human or are we dancer?' Mystique character study.
x-men  mystique  video 
april 2016 by punkheid
kaydeefalls | and sometimes i get nervous when i see an open door
fandom: X-Men (FC + DoFP)
characters: Raven + Charles, Erik, Hank
music: "Human", by the Killers
summary: Are we human or are we dancer? A Mystique vid.
vids  reallygood  xmen  mystique  character.piece  bittersweet  youtube.only  downloadbroken 
march 2016 by sqbr
A Day In The Life - Carry That Weight (X-Men/Alias Crossover)
Summary: "Senator Kelly" didn't fool everyone. P.I. Jessica Jones investigates Mystique. [Comics-verse, so some details are different from the Netflix series, but Jessica is still looking out for the collateral damage.]
fic  crossover  xmm  Alias(Comic)  xmen  Mystique  JessicaJones  via:skogsraa 
january 2016 by butterflykiki

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