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Flammarion engraving - Wikipedia
A traveller puts his head under the edge of the firmament in the original (1888) printing of the Flammarion engraving.
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6 weeks ago by nhaliday
How To Easily Build Good Habits: 4 Secrets From Research
Welcome to the Barking Up The Wrong Tree weekly update for October 22nd,
How To Easily Build Good Habits: 4 Secrets From Research
[image: e79e9247-b124-4c70-b043-f2020fa3da6e.jpg]
*Before we commence with the festivities, I wanted to thank everyone for
helping my first book become a Wall Street Journal bestseller! To check it
out, click here
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[image: b231e29f-10f5-4d21-b503-64e3d8ad2588.jpg]
You have a long list of things you know you should be doing regularly...
But for some reason, you just don't do them. What's the deal?
The solution is building habits. Doing hard things isn't hard if you're on
autopilot. But how do we make building habits simple and painless?
James Clear has a lot of very good, research-backed answers in his new
bestseller Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break
Bad Ones
James lays out 4 laws of behavior change that are so simple, even I can do
them. (And that means you can, too.)
Alright, let's break'em down...
1) Make It Obvious
Vague is the enemy. "I want to exercise more" is usually another way of
saying, "I want to continue disappointing myself."
On the other hand, you could say: "Every morning at 7AM I'm going to lift
weights for an hour at the gym around the corner."
If I said that, you'd be much more likely to believe I was going to follow
through. And if you say it, studies show you're more likely to actually do
It's what researchers call an "implementation intention." (People without a
PhD call it a "plan.")
From Atomic Habits
*Hundreds of studies have shown that implementation intentions are
effective for sticking to our goals, whether it’s writing down the exact
time and date of when you will get a flu shot or recording the time of your
colonoscopy appointment. They increase the odds that people will stick with
habits like recycling, studying, going to sleep early, and stopping
The formula for creating an implementation intention is pretty simple:
*I will [BEHAVIOR] at [TIME] in [LOCATION].*
Another way to get the same effect is by using "habit stacking." Tie the
new habit to an old habit.
From Atomic Habits
*Habit stacking is a special form of an implementation intention. Rather
than pairing your new habit with a particular time and location, you pair
it with a current habit.*
And the formula for habit stacking is pretty simple too:
*After [CURRENT HABIT], I will [NEW HABIT].*
"After I wake up, I will do 20 push-ups."
"After the crime, I will hide any evidence."
Chain together enough new habits and you'll be in great shape while
spending far less time in prison.
(To learn more about the science of a successful life, check out my
bestselling book here
So your new habit plan is clear. But how do you get yourself to want to do
2) Make It Attractive
Fun gets done. Of course, if most good habits were fun, you'd already be
doing them. But there's still a valuable lesson here: if we combine fun
stuff with not-so-fun stuff, the latter is more likely to be completed.
So the answer is what researchers call "temptation bundling
From Atomic Habits
*Temptation bundling is one way to apply a psychology theory known as
Premack’s Principle. Named after the work of professor David Premack, the
principle states that “more probable behaviors will reinforce less probable
behaviors.” In other words, even if you don’t really want to process
overdue work emails, you’ll become conditioned to do it if it means you get
to do something you really want to do along the way.*
James tells the story of a clever engineer who loved Netflix and hated
exercising. So he wrote a computer program that would only allow Netflix to
play if his stationary bike was cycling above a certain speed. Smart.
Combine something you love with a habit you want to build and you'll find
yourself doing it a lot more often. If you love audiobooks but don't like
cleaning, you only get to listen to Harry Potter when you scrub the
bathroom. If you're naturally sadistic but don't enjoy the gym, sign up for
boxing classes so you can get your exercise while punching people.
Another way to make new habits more attractive is to leverage our natural
sheep-like tendencies. The people around you influence you a lot more than
you think
Spend more time with those who have the habits you want and you're more
likely to follow through. More afternoons with friends who read a lot,
fewer evenings with heroin addicts.
From Atomic Habits
*When astronaut Mike Massimino was a graduate student at MIT, he took a
small robotics class. Of the ten people in that class, four became
astronauts. If your goal was to make it into space, then that room was
about the best culture you could ask for. Similarly, one study found that
the higher your best friend’s IQ at age eleven or twelve, the higher your
IQ would be at age fifteen, even after controlling for natural levels of
intelligence. We soak up the qualities and practices of those around us.*
Peer pressure is a wonderful thing -- if you're deliberate about it.
(To learn the two-word morning ritual that will make you happy all day,
click here
Okay, temptations successfully bundled. But new habits can still be
intimidating. Don't worry; there's a fix for that problem...
3) Make It Easy
If you make it harder to engage in bad habits and easier to engage in good
habits, your inherent laziness can guide you toward better behavior.
From Atomic Habits
*The central idea is to create an environment where doing the right thing
is as easy as possible. Much of the battle of building better habits comes
down to finding ways to reduce the friction associated with our good habits
and increase the friction associated with our bad ones.*
If you want to exercise on Sunday morning instead of playing Xbox all day,
put your workout clothes next to the bed before you go to sleep and put the
video game controllers in the closet. If you want to get healthier, put
fruit on the kitchen countertop and put the snacks in a concrete bunker
next to drums of nuclear waste.
Another way to make new habits easier is to start as small as humanly
possible. Stanford researcher BJ Fogg calls this "minimum viable effort
Want to start flossing? Commit to flossing just one tooth. Yes, it's
ridiculous but it's so ridiculously simple you have no excuse not to do it.
You can increase the amount of teeth you floss over time. First just focus
on being consistent.
From Atomic Habits
*The idea is to make your habits as easy as possible to start. Anyone can
meditate for one minute, read one page, or put one item of clothing away.
And, as we have just discussed, this is a powerful strategy because once
you’ve started doing the right thing, it is much easier to continue doing
it. A new habit should not feel like a challenge. The actions that follow
can be challenging, but the first two minutes should be easy. What you want
is a “gateway habit” that naturally leads you down a more productive path.*
Nobody starts by smoking a pack a day. They start with one cigarette. But
with time and effort you can go from merely smoking one to... Oops. Bad
example. But you get the point.
(To learn the neuroscience secret to how to quit bad habits without
willpower, click here
So it's simple to start new habits when you start simple. But how do you
make sure you keep doing them?
4) Make It Satisfying
James calls this “The Cardinal Rule of Behavior Change.”
From Atomic Habits
*What is immediately rewarded is repeated. What is immediately punished is
Reward yourself immediately after completing your new habit. "If the puppy
does a trick, it gets a treat." (Yes, you're the puppy in this metaphor.)
From Atomic Habits
*In the beginning, you need a reason to stay on track. This is why
immediate rewards are essential. They keep you excited while the delayed
rewards accumulate in the background. What we’re really talking about here…
is the ending of a behavior. The … [more]
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november 2018 by bookbelle
Outage at Exelon's Mystic plant drove tight ISO-NE Labor Day conditions | Utility Dive
The outage at the Mystic plant, located in Boston, highlights the issues at stake in contentious debates over fuel security in New England and grid resilience at FERC.
utilitydive  mystic  outage  fuelsecurity 
september 2018 by eversourcenh
Coffee and qahwa: How a drink for Arab mystics went global
"The religious scholars eventually came to a sensible consensus that coffee was, in principle, permissible."

"the original coffee port of Mocha"
coffee  Superbrown  qahwa  Yemen  Sufi  mystic  Syria  JohnMcHugo 
august 2018 by cosmic
ArtStation - Artem RHADS Chebokha
Mystic Digital art from Russia, beautiful! Somewhat surrealistic. I got to know this from a postcard sent from Elina of Penza, Russia.
art  digital  fantasy  mystic  russia  postcards  postcrossing  artstation 
august 2018 by navegador
Generators say Mystic order mirrors their capacity price concerns | S&P Global Platts
New England generators are telling regulators that ISO-New England's current plan to keep 1,700 MW of gas-fired units at Exelon's Mystic plant in Massachusetts running could unfairly reduce prices in the capacity auction and spur more retirements.
Platts  mystic  subsidy 
august 2018 by eversourcenh
FERC OKs help for Mystic plants - CommonWealth Magazine
The FERC has given New England’s power grid operator until the end of August to come up with a plan to prop up a pair of uneconomic natural gas power plants in Everett and until July 2019 to develop a long-term approach to fuel security vulnerability in the region.
Commonwealthmagazine  FERC  mystic  massachusetts 
july 2018 by eversourcenh
Coal may get undeserved boost after Mystic decision - The Boston Globe
The electric industry is following the fate of the Mystic Generating Station closely — and not out of concern for New Englanders’ power bills.
bostonglobe  coal  mystic  subsidy  fuelsecurity 
july 2018 by eversourcenh
A very friendly 'no' from federal energy regulators is bad news for consumers -
With a critical swing vote soon to be lost, reading last week’s majority opinion is enough to make you gather up the torches and pitchforks and head for Washington.
InDepthNH  oped  DMo  OCA  ferc  mystic  subsidy  fuelsecurity 
july 2018 by eversourcenh
The Day - Dominion to state: Millstone 'at risk now' - News from southeastern Connecticut
Dominion Energy this week issued its starkest warning yet to regulators that Millstone Power Station faces closure unless the state quickly reverses course and fully considers the plant's benefits to the environment and regional grid in an upcoming electricity auction.
theday  mystic  subsidy  reliability  fuelsecurity 
july 2018 by eversourcenh

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