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Better User and Developer Experiences – From Windows Forms to WPF with MVVM : Reed Copsey, Jr.
This series introduces the Model-View-ViewModel Pattern from the point of view of a Windows Forms developer. The Model-View-ViewModel pattern is introduced after a discussion of three of the main features in WPF which enable it’s usage.
mvvm  wpf  dotnet 
yesterday by julianz
Architecture Components: Hack the API by using Kotlin extensions
Architecture components are a really powerful tool to develop Android Apps, but they entail some boilerplate that can easily be avoided thanks to the use of several Kotlin tools, such as extension functions or reified types.
android  architecture  mvvm 
9 days ago by lgtout
Write quality mobile apps in any architecture | ThoughtWorks
Mobile developers can sometimes put too much emphasis on architectural patterns for their projects. PACT is a new way to think about quality mobile apps in any architecture, encouraging mobile developers to think beyond patterns, and consider other fundamentals for good app development. The architectural pattern adapts to your app. Not the other way around. These patterns work as "suggestions" to your architecture — not recipes where you use the same ingredients following the same steps to obtain the same results.
mobile  architecture  thoughtworks  mvc  mvvm  viper  ios  android 
29 days ago by dlkinney
Build Your Own MVVM Framework
You've heard a lot about Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM), but you've struggled to see how it can help you in your day-to-day work. Or, you're experienced at implementing MVVM, but looking for some ways to maximize your investment in this methodology. In this talk, we build a simple MVVM framework by iteratively identifying pain points in our UI development and eliminating them with simple solutions. You'll walk away with code, but more importantly with an understanding of how to apply some simple ideas to improve productivity with MVVM in your own projects.
mvvm  video 
4 weeks ago by 0xced
Protocol Oriented Tips For MVVM in Swift | Warp your mobile development
only to ease the instantiation of UIViewControllers but also to provide a nice way to pass them their associated ViewMode
iOS  mvvm  rxswift 
6 weeks ago by scottag
Advanced iOS tutorial: Use MVVM to tackle complicated TableView
UITableView is definitely one of the most frequently used UI components for every iOS developer. Due to the size limitation of the mobile phone, table view becomes a great way to present information while keeping the clearness of the UI design. via Pocket
IFTTT  pocket  mvvm  programming  swift  uitableview 
8 weeks ago by mgacy

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