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Exercise: 60 Minute MVP - Teaching Entrepreneurship
As we outline in our 60 Minute MVP exercise, building a functioning website with zero technical expertise is not as hard as it seems. With the following tools, any student can build a landing page (a simple, single-page website) that:
Tells their customers the problem they are solving,
Uses a video to demonstrate how they will solve the problem and
Asks for some form of “currency” from their customers to validate demand.
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8 days ago by jeromekatz
florina-muntenescu/MVPvsMVVM: Model-View-Presenter vs Model-View-ViewModel in a "Hello, World!" project
Model-View-Presenter vs Model-View-ViewModel in a "Hello, World!" project - florina-muntenescu/MVPvsMVVM
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5 weeks ago by lgtout

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