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QuickMVP: Software for Customer Validation & Business Viability Testing
QuickMVP is a simple tool that helps you test any new business idea in just 5 minutes. MVP = Minimum Viable Product.
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5 days ago by kpieper876
A “Minimum Viable Product” is the cheapest & fastest thing you can create to learn if your business idea sucks…
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12 days ago by adamayers
Model-View-Presenter @ Scale
Model-View-Presenter @ Scale

Sam Thompson and Zach Westlake, Pinterest

Sam and Zach revealed how their team began a long-term project to incrementally rewrite Pinterest in the Model-View-Presenter (MVP) architecture to move faster and promote app stability. They revealed initial goals, implementation, and the challenges the team faced in porting the app to MVP.
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27 days ago by tp78
RT : Great news! Starting today the projects can publish their and prototypes and the users can filter by the…
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28 days ago by davidorban
The axes of HomePod evolution: don’t judge what you can’t yet see
“it’s important to bear in mind how every single Apple product tends to evolve: from MVP, aka minimal viable product, to thing that people buy by the million.”
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4 weeks ago by cote

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