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I have two speaking slots coming in May 2018. One at CDC Germany and one at the Base IT Infrastructure Days.

Let’s start with the first one.

CDC Germany – third year in a row, I am selected by Carsten to speak at CDC Germany, But this will be the first time I am not talking about SCDPM, I wanted to try something new. So I asked Carsten if someone else will speak about SCDPM, and he found one, Charbel Nemnom.

So I am having the Chance to talk about a topic I worked mainly in the last 3 years with, and was having a lot of cool projects. The Title will be „The rising Phoenix – Service Management and Automation with System Center„. But enough said, come to Hanau on the 15th of Mai 2018 and listen my slot, and of course, there are a lot more create speakers there. The Slot will be in german.

Base IT Infrastructure Days – One day after CDC, on May 16th, 2018, I will attend the Base IT Infrastructure Days, so that’s the reason I have to leave early from CDC. I will talk more about Azure, so Azure Backup, OMS Log Analytics, Service Maps and so on. More Details will follow.

So hope to see you in Hanau or Ansfelden in May.

Michael Seidl aka Techguy





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