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Stacking the Bricks: Why You Should Do A Tiny Product First
Alex and I teach our students to create an educational product first.

What’s an educational product, or infoproduct? Anything small that teaches (which isn’t software): an ebook, a report, a white paper, a screencast, a video series, a workshop.
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23 days ago by jakoubek
Rebuilding the Shopify Admin: Deleting 28,000 lines of JavaScript to I – Shopify Engineering
In early 2014, we made the decision to remove Batman. The new admin would make a return to more classic architecture with some modernizations. Our approach would be ERB views and server-side rendering, with the use of Turbolinks, and a lightweight custom JavaScript binding system. This allowed us to tackle problems of code duplication and deve
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5 weeks ago by janpeuker
Reconciling GraphQL and Thrift at Airbnb – Airbnb Engineering & Data Science – Medium
This context in mind, you can understand the resistance that faced a noble band of well-meaning advocates for GraphQL. If all data is a graph all the way down and any client engineer can create a query that reaches into core data services however necessary, we find ourselves with all the same problems we set out to fix with the Presentation Service Framework. Rightly or wrongly—GraphQL was thought of at Airbnb as a competing strategy, not a complementary one.

Regrettably, the narrative emerged that if GraphQL became the law of the land, a backend engineer could observe a material performance regression on the service they own without a single line of code altered in their own project. SLAs, contracts, and observability would fly out the window, and managing performance would take several steps backwards. “No deal.”

Enter GraphQL “The API Layer”
Around six months ago, we reopened the discussion because the benefits of GraphQL—and Apollo, specifically—were simply too compelling to ignore. We would be getting:

A strongly typed API schema
Flexibility in field selection, both at a macro level (don’t request an expensive operation if you don’t need it) and a micro level (don’t request a specific field you’re no longer using)
Cross-platform (Web, iOS, Android) client-side development without the need to rely on backend engineers in order to iterate
The considerable world of client-side benefits that the Apollo ecosystem has to offer, including caching, synthesizing local state and network state, field-level analytics, and more
Given the history, we proposed the following architecture:

Airbnb’s new “API v3” architecture features GraphQL as an API layer and Apollo on Web, iOS, and Android
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5 weeks ago by janpeuker

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