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Piece by Piece: Examining the Practice of Merch Cuts
Interesting piece about how musicians have to give up a part of their profits from selling merch at concerts to the venue. Worth contrasting against stories about Spotify going public and being a public company
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march 2018 by stevej27
Decibel's Hall of Frame Collection
All the intro's to the Decibel Hall of Fame. A way to think about writing about albums - situating them in historical and cultural moments as well as within the music communities that they are a part of.
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september 2017 by stevej27
An Absolute Truth: On Writing a Life of Coltrane
Posthumously, the mythology and exaltation of Coltrane, as well as his musical influence, only grew. But by that point, Simpkins had already researched and written Coltrane’s story, expressing an uncompromising, unapologetic black voice rarely found in the annals of jazz before or since.
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july 2017 by brendanmcfadden
Into the woods with Bindrune Recordings — Decibel Magazine
Interview with a record label owner. At least a consideration of what it means to work on/with music in the 21st Century. Also addresses music journalism/writing.
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october 2016 by stevej27
Philip Sherburne: Oneohtrix Point Never — Garden of Delete (Pitchfork)
Garden of Delete is unlike anything that Daniel Lopatin has done, in terms of technique, mood, or scope. It is denser than his previous albums, by several orders of magnitude. It is more varied, and it is funnier—scarier, too. The album carries with it a risk of whiplash that's as potent on the 15th listen as on the first.
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november 2015 by matthewmcvickar
Jessica Hopper: Grimes — Art Angels (Pitchfork)
One of the most notable and striking differences between Art Angels and its Top 40 kin is that these are not love songs. The album is an epic holiday buffet of tendentious feminist fuck-off, with second helpings for anonymous commenters and music industry blood-suckers. Her conflicted, vertiginous relationship with the fast fame that followed Visions seems to have led her to a place of DGAF liberation.
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november 2015 by matthewmcvickar
Philip Cosores: The Problem with Artist-Curated Content (Consequence of Sound)
The rise of artist content intended to replace criticism must be a direct failure on the part of critics and editors, and instead of rising to the challenge, the reaction has been to push it instead of our own work. It cheapens the work of critics and writers to just post directly what the artist is putting out there, especially if they are doing the job we are supposed to be doing. The reaction should be to make better work so that people won’t want the artist-curated content; the reaction should be for better stories, more original ideas, and concepts never before attempted. The reaction should be for better access, because access to the direct thoughts of a musician is pretty hard to beat. The Talkhouse, and similar content, provides the ideal access, except without the filter of journalism. It’s a facade, and we have to see through it as substandard.
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april 2014 by matthewmcvickar
Ira Robbins: Record Reviews: Who Needs ‘Em? (Rock's Backpages Writers' Blogs)
Record reviews are now brief, upbeat and simple: download these songs, they’re good. Beyond that service, writers don’t provide much real value. They are unlikely to establish a strong connection with their readers, as no sense of prejudices and predilections can emerge from four sentences (at least one of which is going to be strictly informational).
And you can’t even blame space. They are simply kowtowing to the preferences of those readers who care the least.
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february 2013 by matthewmcvickar
Frieze Magazine | Archive | Survey: Music
George Michael: "His career amounted to the desperate quest for good taste in false circumstances."
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august 2011 by PAPPADEMAS
Village Voice: Music: Tyler, the Creator’s Boy’s Club
“The highest points and most infuriating moments on ‘Goblin’ come from the fact that it’s a vérité depiction of the worst aspects of American boy culture. You know, hating girls because they don’t like you because you’re a weirdo, hating any and all authority figures because they try to tell you how not to be such a weirdo. But most importantly (and scarily), there’s the part that involves lashing out about being viewed as a weirdo, and being summarily rewarded—i.e. seen as normal—for doing so. (It probably goes without saying that girls don’t have the same luxury.) Nobody cares about Tyler the Creator being someone’s role model in 2011. Which in a way, is the scariest thing about ‘Goblin’—too much of his scary fantasizing, for too many boys, is all too normal.”
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may 2011 by matthewmcvickar
This Tumblr posts PDFs of poetry anthologies and books of cultural writing and other classic texts, bits of important historical music-related interviews, old, rare, or otherwise important or interesting records, etc. Would that I had the time to take in everything listed here.
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may 2011 by matthewmcvickar

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