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Liam Bailey Deals With Self-Hate, Rebirth In 'You Saw the Devil In Me' Video: Premiere | Billboard
Liam Bailey's latest single is called "You Saw the Devil In Me." But the song and its video, premiering exclusively below, is actually about the British soul singer himself seeing those demons.
LiamBailey  Billboard  MentalHealth  Music  MusicNews  SelfCare  SelfLove  SelfReflection 
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J Hus jailed for eight months for carrying knife - BBC News
J Hus has been sentenced to eight months in jail after admitting carrying a knife in a public place.
JHus  BBCNews  Music  MusicNews  CelebrityNews  Crime  BBCNewsbeat 
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The second The Good, The Bad & The Queen album is arriving next month
The Good, The Bad & The Queen will finally follow up their 2007 debut album with new record Merrie Land, due to arrive next month.
GBQ  TGTBATQ  Albums  Music  MusicNews  DamonAlbarn  PaulSimonon  TonyAllen  SimonTong  TheLineOfBestFit 
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Massive Attack are releasing their album Mezzanine in a new format: DNA | WIRED UK
For Mezzanine's 20th anniversary, the band have encoded the album in strands of synthetic DNA. One spray can contains around one million copies
MassiveAttack  RobertDelNaja  Mezzanine  DNA  Genetics  Science  ScienceNews  MusicNews  LimitedEditions  WiredUK  WiredMagazineUK 
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B.Traits is leaving BBC Radio 1 - Data Transmission
B.Traits announced on Friday night she will be leaving BBC Radio 1, with her last show broadcasting live on 26th October.
BTraits  DJs  Presenters  BBCRadio1  Canadians  MusicNews  RadioNews  RadioIndustry  Endings 
9 weeks ago by dk33per
The Quietus | News | Pete Paphides Launches New Podcast
Long Player, set to feature in-depth interviews and anecdotes, will start with episode featuring Jimmy Webb next week
Podcasts  PetePaphides  TheQuietus  Interviews  Music  MusicNews  Media  JimmyWebb 
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Watch KENZO and Karen O's alt-fashion film YO! MY SAINT | HUNGER TV
A three-prongned artistic endeavour “Yo! My Saint”; an original nine-minute short directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, with music by powerhouse frontwoman Karen O (and guest vocals from Michael Kiwanuka).
Music  MusicNews  Fashion  FashionNews  HungerMagazine  AnaLilyAmirpour  MichaelKiwanuka  KarenO  Art  ArtsNews  Photography 
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Premiere: Forest Gate Rapper Barney Artist Invites Dornik To Provide A Soulful Hook For "Rosethorn" | Complex
Hotly-tipped rapper Barney Artist will soon be dropping his third full-length album, Home Is Where The Art (due Sept. 21). The following he's already built up with the last two projects and a stack of singles should stand him in good stead with his debut album, and the buzz that's already surrounding it suggests that will definitely be the case. 
BarneyArtist  MusicNews  Complex  Dornik  Music 
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Vinyl destination: who is actually buying records? | Music | The Guardian
YouGov says middle-aged men – not millennials – are fuelling the record renaissance. We hit the stores of Soho to test their data
Music  MusicNews  MusicFeatures  TheGuardian  London  Soho  YouGov  Vinyl  VinylCollecting  2016  Research  Reportage 
9 weeks ago by dk33per announces Alternative Power 100 Music List - M Magazine
Hit songwriter Carla Marie Williams (pictured), singer-songwriter Declan McKenna and BBC Radio 6 Music’s Mary Anne Hobbs are among the names honoured on this year’s Alternative Power 100 Music List. Launched last year by – a global network of women working in the music industry – the list aims ‘to challenge archaic industry practices’ and shine a light on ‘traditionally under-represented communities such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ’, as well as men who support these values.
Music  Lists  MusicNews  WomeninMusic  MaryAnneHobbs  DeclanMcKenna  MMagazine  PRSforMusic  Equality  Representation  PowerLists 
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BBC offers 16,000 sound effects from its archive for free download
From the unusual to the downright bizarre. The BBC has opened up its vast sound archive to the public. Thanks to the new BBC Sound Effects website, you can freely download over 16,000 sound effects in WAV format for “personal, educational or research purposes”.
BBCSoundEffects  Archive  Sound  SFX  Download  SoundEffects  WAV  TVNews  FilmNews  TelevisionIndustry  Music  MusicNews  FactMagazine 
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Singer-songwriter Cleo Sol makes a effortless re-introduction with 'Why Don't We'
West London is represented in the finest way with soul, honesty and positive vibes.
CleoSol  Music  MusicNews  NewMusic  The405 
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As National Album Day launches, here's why 'albums need protecting' - BBC News
n three months' time Britain will be marking its first ever National Album Day.

The event on 13 October, which is backed by BBC Music, will "celebrate all aspects of the UK's love of the album".
Music  MusicNews  Albums  NationalAlbumDay  BBCRadio  ClassicAlbums  BBC  BBCNews 
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Mobo awards take 'gap year' to plan future - BBC News
This year's Mobo awards have been put on hold, as organisers make plans to revamp the ceremony for 2019.
MOBO  MOBOAwards  Music  MusicAwards  AwardCeremonies  BBCNews  MusicNews  BlackMusic  Rest  GapYear  Breaks 
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'It's Prince, thinking aloud on the piano' - BBC News
It's January 1983 and Prince is sitting at the piano in his home studio in Minneapolis. He has a cassette recorder, some spare time and a bunch of songs in his head. Over the next 35 minutes, he stomps his feet and stretches his muscles, careering through gospel, jazz, funk and - for 88 tantalising seconds - a nascent version of Purple Rain. But now the tape is being released as Prince: Piano And A Microphone 1983; the first in what will presumably be a stream of posthumous records.
BBCNews  Music  MusicNews  Prince  Albums  Posthumous  1983  Tributes 
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Smash Mouth, Smashing Pumpkins singer are currently debating Shrek soundtrack’s history - Polygon
Arguably the only thing more culturally significant than Shrek is the Shrek soundtrack. That’s thanks to Smash Mouth. From the 2001 film’s opening (set to the band’s quintessential track, “All Star”) to Smash Mouth’s cover of The Monkees’ iconic “I’m a Believer” at the very end, Shrek’s soundtrack has stood the test of time. It’s nearly impossible to think of any other band that could have propelled a soundtrack into stardom other than Smash Mouth.
Shrek  SmashMouth  SmashingPumpkins  Music  MusicHistory  MusicNews  Disagreements  DreamWorks  FunnyNews  AndFinally 
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'How we made Now That's What I Call Music 100' - BBC News
The 100th edition of Now That's What I Call Music will be released this Friday, featuring the biggest chart hits of the last four months. We went behind the scenes at Abbey Road as the Now team chose the tracks for the compilation's centenary.
NowThat'sWhatICallMusic  BBCNews  Music  MusicNews  Entertainment  MusicCompilations  AbbeyRoad  MusicFeatures  MusicHistory  Compilations  PopMusic  ChartMusic  MusicIndustry 
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