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Derek Sivers
Yes my site is plain on purpose. It’s my minimalist desire for only what’s needed.

The world has given me enough. I don’t want more money or fame. I’m just giving back, and trying to live up to my lucky circumstance.
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7 weeks ago by mwishek
The AHRC Research Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music (CHARM)
The traditional musicological approach is to see music as a written text reproduced in performance. But much music does not exist in the form of a written text, circulating purely in the form of recordings. And even when music does exist as a written text, performers play an essential role in creating the experience that, for most people, is the music. CHARM was established to promote a musicology that better reflects the nature of music as experienced in the twentieth century and beyond.
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12 weeks ago by navegador
Jazz Discography Project
A collector's guide to jazz music CD/FLAC, iTunes/MP3 and vinyl records (LP/EP/45/78, etc.)
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12 weeks ago by navegador
Bring It On Home To Me - mambo - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve's students don't believe him when he says he's dating international rockstar and heartthrob Bucky Barnes, but he is, and has been since they were sixteen.
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august 2018 by katereis

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