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Nyan Cat Song Creator's Discography.
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7 weeks ago by reorx
Brian P. Hogan
I'm Brian P. Hogan, a web developer, teacher, author, editor, and musician living in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. I develop web sites like Codecaster, Rails Mentors, and Rendera using HTML5, Elixir, JavaScript, and Ruby. I also coach and mentor aspiring developers.
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7 weeks ago by gdw
A guide to Iannis Xenakis's music
“When you hear Xenakis's music – any piece of what we recognise as his mature work, starting with 1954's Metastasis, onwards – you're confronted with an aesthetic that seems unprecedented according to any of the frames of reference that musical works usually relate to. You won't hear vestiges of things like familiar forms, or shapes, or languages.”
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8 weeks ago by sunil
Mr Woofer a.k.a. Konstantinos Kampanis - Home
Mr Woofer is Konstantinos Kampanis artistic alias. He is a cellist, composer, producer and music teacher based in Frankfurt am Main. Cellounterricht in Frankfurt am Main - Diplomcellist Konstantinos Kampanis
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11 weeks ago by po

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