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your body is my body and we breathe between the lines
AU set in the same universe as Symphony for Stars and Planets, based on the prompt "Jim playing at a jazzy bar or something, being all sexy, and Spock being jealous when other people check him out."
singingintime  StarTrek  Kirk/Spock  AU  musician!Kirk  musician!Spock  jealous!Spock  established-relationship  series  posessive!Spock 
december 2009 by adafrog

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academy!fic  action  au  author:distractedkat  author:singingintime  bamf!kirk  bamf!spock  bonding/soulmates  character_study  complete  confession/secrets  developing-relationship  drugged!kirk  drugs:nonconsensual  escape/rescue  established-relationship  fandom:startrek(aos)  fighting/sparring  first_time  firsttime  gen  hacker!kirk  have:pdf  hikaru_sulu  homeagain  hunger/starvation  hurt!kirk  hurt!spock  illness:mental  james_kirk  jealous!spock  kidnapped!kirk  kidnapping  kink:manhandling  kirk/mccoy  kirk/spock  kodos  languages:multiple  leonard_mccoy  mindmeld  music/dance  music  musician!mccoy  musician!spock  musician!uhura  nyota_uhura  paralysis  paralyzed!kirk  pavel_chekov  pike  pining!spock  posessive!spock  pov:kirk  pov:spock  protective!mccoy  protective!spock  rating:pg  recovery  revenge  romance  sarek  secretagent!kirk  series  sesh-khem  singingintime  slash  smart!kirk  spies/assassins  spock/uhura  spock(prime)  spock  st:fiveyearmission  st:reboot  startrek  symphony  symphony_au  tarsus_iv  telepathy  winona_kirk  words:1k-5k   

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