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I Told You So
Chris wants Jared but there is something he wants more. When he leaves the love of his life alone, Jared is broken. What will Chris do when he finds out someone else has picked up the pieces and Chris can never go home again.
j2  bottom!jensen  bottom!jared  angst  jared/chris  asshole!chris  musician!chris  jensen/jared  hurt!jared  paramedic!jensen 
january 2016 by Misspookielo
Drawing Constellations
As Christmas approaches, lives collide and connect, love threading through and holding them together. Chris and Steve fight over whether to perform a Christmas song, Chad angsts over whether to cheat on his wife, Tom's wife is pregnant, and both Mike and Jensen may have found new love... if life permits.
AU  angst  daddy/guardian!Jensen  musician!Chris  musician!Steve  protective!Jared  protective!Sandy  widower!Jensen  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Chad/OFC(s)  pairing:Tom/Jamie  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
november 2015 by casey679
More Than I Deserve
Years of school yard bullying has left Jensen with some emotional scars and anti-social tendencies. Jensen found purpose working as an Animal Shelter Manager and he was content living the way he was. Jensen knows from his past experiences the only love and acceptance he was going to receive was from the animals he cared for until a tall, young orthopedic surgeon by the name of Jared Padalecki walked into the animal shelter looking to adopt a dog and changed everything.
angst  animal-shelter!Jensen  doctor!Jared  musician!Chris  musician!Jensen  protective!Chris  shy/insecure!Jensen  veterinarian!Jensen  pairing:Jensen/Jared  AU:Office-&-Workplace  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
august 2015 by casey679
Be My Baby
Some would call Jensen’s move from New York to Texas a midlife crisis, you know, if he wasn’t 25. Jensen however, will tell you he needs quiet, no distractions and being thousands of miles away would definitely provide all of that. And it would have, if Jared hadn’t been cutting his lawn in all his golden glory. With a deadline to meet, Jensen’s determined not to let Jared become a distraction. Turns out though, Jensen doesn’t always get what he wants and considering his history, it shouldn’t surprise him. Jared weasels his way into Jensen’s life until Jensen can’t remember what his life had been like without him. But behind Jared’s smile there’s a sadness that comes with loss. A sadness that Jensen knows all too well. For a while, all that stuff fades away. Doesn’t seem to matter anymore, until it does. Insecurities so deep they blow up, literally, in the form of jealousy and Jensen finds himself questioning if he deserves Jared at all.
AU  angst  bottom!Jared  editor!Danneel  musician!Chris  musician!Steve  possessive!Jensen  romantic  shy/insecure!Jensen  student!Jared  writer!Jared  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Chad/Jake  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  kink:D/s 
august 2015 by casey679
Not all Cats are Grey in the Dark
[fufaraw (arliss)] Jared was a cop moving up in the department, happily married until a hostage situation went horribly wrong, and Jared had to deal with the tragic loss of his husband. Jared left the LAPD for a fresh start with the sheriff's department in small-town Middlebrook. Though still troubled by nightmares about the day his husband died, Jared's moving on, meeting new people. Jensen plays guitar and sings in a local band on weekends, and Jared really wants to get to know him better. But for all Jared's charm, Jensen just isn't interested in sex. As they get better acquainted, Jared realizes his path to happiness includes letting go of the past, and a different way of loving.
AU:Crime-&-Police-Drama  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Chris/Aldis/Beth  accountant!Jensen  angst  genderqueer!Jensen  musician!Chris  musician!Jensen  police!Jared  polyamory  widower!Jared  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:25K-50K 
july 2015 by casey679
Yesterday Was the Day That I Was Born
Being informed by your friends and loved ones that you're congenial to the point of boredom and occasionally nausea is sort of a drag. Which is why Jared Padalecki resolves to have an irresponsibly awesome time on his twenty-first birthday. But when his foray into excitement proves to be the iceberg of his Titanic of a life, he's left wondering who and what exactly he'll wake up to once he gets his head back above the suddenly murky waves of his own existence......or something.
angst  barista!Jared  barista!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  closeted!Jared  hooker!Chris  hooker!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  musician!Chris  musician!Jensen  protective!Jared  student!Jared  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Chad/Sophia  pairing:Chris/OMC(s)  pairing:Jensen/OMC(s)  pairing:Chad/Sandy  pairing:Jared/Sandy  AU:College  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
july 2015 by casey679
I Told You So
When Chris leaves Jared, the love of his life, behind to pursue his dreams alone, Jared is beyond broken. But what will Chris do when he finds out someone else has picked up the pieces, and Chris can never go home again?
AU  angst  asshole!Chris  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  musician!Chris  paramedic!Jensen  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Chris/Jared  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
may 2015 by casey679
Fair Exchange
Jared Padalecki is a successful model who is coerced into appearing in a ‘Wife-Swap’ style TV show. When he finds out who his new partner is – he is in for the surprise of his life!
asshole!Chad  asshole!Chris  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  chef/baker!Jensen  model!Jared  musician!Chris  romantic  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Jensen/Chris  AU:Reality-TV  pairing:Jared/Sandy  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
may 2015 by casey679
To Wake a Captive Dreamer
Once upon a time (ten years ago to be precise) something terrible happened to Jensen. He’s been dealing with it, or failing to deal with it, ever since. His best friend, Chris, takes care of him and Steve takes care of Chris. They’re one precariously balanced little family who also happen to play in a band together. When Jared becomes their new bassist, everything changes. An unorthodox retelling of Sleeping Beauty.
abused!Jensen  angst  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  musician!Chris  musician!Jared  musician!Jensen  musician!Steve  protective!Chris  recovery!fic  romantic  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Jensen/OMC(s)  pairing:Chris/Steve  AU:Rockstars-&-Roadies  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
april 2015 by casey679
Love Burns
[Dante's Hell] Jensen is a firefighter with a close knit group of friends. One night, he's called to fight a fire at a friend's house and he witnesses a murder. Only he doesn't remember. His best friend, Detective Jared Padalecki, decides Jensen needs his protection. Over the course of the investigation, Jared and Jensen realize their feelings for each other have changed. They are growing closer, but will a murderer intent on killing Jensen halt their burgeoning relationship in its tracks? [fic was deleted; I have a PDF]
AU:Blue-Collar-Boys  AU:Crime-&-Police-Drama  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Chad/Sophia  amnesia!Jensen  angst  case!fic  firefighter!Jensen  hurt!Jensen  musician!Chris  musician!Steve  police!Jared  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:25K-50K  !deleted  !PDF 
april 2015 by casey679
What's Left of Me
College degree, check. Career as physical therapist in a well-respected clinic, check. Appropriate boyfriend, check. Life was going exactly as Jensen Ackles had mapped it out when he was still in high school. The only thing Jared Padalecki knew for a fact was that you never could guess where life was going to take you. But you could go anywhere as long as you had family, friends, and love. When Jensen didn't get his expected promotion and his perfect boyfriend turned out to be not-so-perfect, for the first time Jensen finds himself without a plan to follow. Enter one free-spirited, too young, and ridiculously attractive college student who wants him to let life just happen... and it kind of works. Until a tragedy causes Jensen to run away from the love Jared offers, and Jared has to show him that life can be amazing even when it's not according to plan.
angst  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  musician!Chris  musician!Steve  protective!Chris  student!Jared  therapist!Jensen  pairing:Jensen/Jared  AU:Doctors-&-Hospitals  AU:College  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
april 2015 by casey679
Master's Fucktoy
“Tell him why you serve me, mft,” Jensen commanded. Jared felt dizzy at the thought of what he was being forced to admit out loud to strangers. His dick started to throb and his breathing picked up. “I understand that I am worthless except for my holes and my ability to please men,” said Jared. “If my throat is satisfying a cock then my head has purpose. I should not be thinking or talking. I am a hole and should be fucked hard. Master lets me serve his cock and it will be an honor to serve all of you tonight.”
bottom!Jared  cockslut!Jared  fucktoy!Jared  musician!Chris  musician!Steve  producer!Jensen  slave!Jared  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Jared/OMC(s)  pairing:Chris/Steve/Jared  AU:BDSM-&-Alt-Lifestyles  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  kink:dirty-talk  kink:rough-sex  kink:exhibitionism  kink:sex-toys  kink:gangbang  kink:dehumanization  kink:double-penetration  kink:D/s 
april 2015 by casey679
Rockstar Jensen Verse
Jensen is the superstar lead singer of the world's hottest rock band and, as such, is totally not bitter about getting turned down by Jared fucking Padalecki. Too bad the guy manages the hotel that Jensen lives in and is incredibly difficult to ignore.
asshole!Jensen  hotel!Jared  musician!Aldis  musician!Chris  musician!Jensen  rockstar!Aldis  rockstar!Chris  rockstar!Jensen  romantic  pairing:Jensen/Jared  A+parenting:Ackles  AU:Rockstars-&-Roadies  AU:Hotel  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
april 2015 by casey679
It's In His Kiss
[munibunny] When Jensen Ackles finds himself lost on Hollywood, he never imagined his life would be turned around by a sweet but down-on-his-luck hooker named Jared Padalecki. (Based on Pretty Woman, but without all the annoying parts.)
AU:Sex-Workers  pairing:Jensen/Jared  A+parenting:Padalecki  asshole!Chad  bartender!JDM  bottom!Jared  bottom!Jensen  CEO!Jensen  chauffeur!Steve  doorman!Chris  hooker!Chad  hooker!Jared  musician!Chris  musician!Steve  protective!Chris  protective!Steve  rich!Jensen  fandom:Supernatural-RPF  length:25K-50K 
march 2015 by casey679
Your Surrender - Twelve Months
It's been twelve months since Jared, Jensen and Christian got together and Jared wakes up to an enjoyable sight. (Surrender 2)
AU  bottom!Jensen  musician!Chris  polyamory  store-clerk!Jared  store-clerk!Jensen  verse:Surrender  pairing:Jensen/Jared/Chris  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
march 2015 by casey679
Your Surrender
Jared enjoys working with his friend, Jensen but is also attracted to the new guy that works at the music store across the road. Soon, he has a date - and a choice to make that he never expected. (Surrender 1)
AU  musician!Chris  polyamory  store-clerk!Jared  store-clerk!Jensen  verse:Surrender  pairing:Jensen/Jared/Chris  fandom:Supernatural 
march 2015 by casey679
Goodbye Doesn't Mean Forever
Jensen’s been left behind one time too many. Actors and musicians are plain unreliable as boyfriends and he’s not going to make that mistake again. Then his reprobate ex-boyfriend sublets the apartment to a floppy-haired, muesli-eating actor and all bets are off.
AU  actor!Jared  angst  bottom!Jensen  daddy/guardian!Jensen  dancer!Jensen  musician!Chris  teacher!Jensen  pairing:Jensen/Jared  pairing:Jensen/Chris  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
march 2015 by casey679
Thunderbird Wine
Jared is a singer, with big time aspirations and a huge crush on the drummer of Thunderbird Wine, Jensen Ackles. Coincidentally, Thunderbird Wine's singer goes off the rails, and the label wants him gone. The band needs someone for 12 shows and an album to fulfill their contract. Think shirtless, sweaty, tights, hair extensions, and living on a bus with a Machiavellian manager, a ferociously cheerful bassist, a lead guitarist who’s more than a little rodeo and the prettiest damn drummer in the industry.
angst  bottom!Jared  musician!Chris  musician!Danneel  musician!Jared  musician!Jensen  rockstar!Jared  rockstar!Jensen  singer!Jared  pairing:Jensen/Jared  AU:Rockstars-&-Roadies  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
february 2015 by casey679
Caught Inside (and timestamp)
It's been a year since Steve left, and three months since Jensen's last talked to him, but if there's one thing Jensen knows, it's that Steve's invitations never expire. When Jensen finally decides to take Steve up on his offer, though, there's a strange guy in the house and nothing's like Jensen expected it to be.
AU  actor!Jensen  bartender!JDM  musician!Chris  musician!Jensen  musician!Steve  polyamory  windsurfer!Jared  pairing:JDM/Jared  pairing:Chris/Steve  pairing:JDM/Jensen  pairing:Jensen/Chris/Steve  fandom:Supernatural-RPF 
february 2015 by casey679

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