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RT : We’re planning our coverage so no better time for you to make the most of our advertising…
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6 days ago by smatthewman
On Jukeboxy-ness. Also, How Will Jukebox Musicals Age?
Is there #musicaltheatre Mastodon? If so, here's an old friend of mine whose blog on the subject is always worth reading.
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october 2018 by mikelynch
RT : We're looking for composers to send us recordings of their latest work so we can share their work o…
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april 2018 by LibrariesVal
NYC Theater Reviews | Show Score
Show-Score simply and clearly organizes the information you need to discover shows you’ll love, from people you trust, at the right price for you.
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march 2018 by csaper
Cheap Ticket Policies for Current & Upcoming Broadway Shows
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february 2016 by csaper
Book of Mormon: Party Bus Edition - YouTube
Book of Mormon: Party Bus Edition - I just lost it giggling.
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may 2013 by forsakendaemon
Enter our prize draw : The Stage Events
RT @TheStage: COMPETITION: We are giving away 2 free tickets to our #MusicalTheatre session. Enter now and win!
july 2012 by smatthewman
How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down: Memphis
Make Angel turn into Angelus and then force Buffy to kill him the second he’s turned back to Angel. Fucking do it.
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july 2010 by kfan
Welcome to Passing Strange
Hit musical written by the singer/songwriter from The Negro Problem
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december 2007 by ignatz
The Stage Online :: Newsblog - Going gay thanks to musical theatre?
If you like musicals, you must be gay. Guess I had more in common with my parents than I thought...
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december 2005 by smatthewman
Emma Kennedy - Behind The Iron Mask
What happens when you go to see the worst musical the West End has seen in a long, long time
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august 2005 by smatthewman

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